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    Wednesday, November 30, 2005

    Recommendations from One FSU Fan

    I found this on one of the sports message boards and thought it was an interesting list of recommendations:

    1. Demote Jeff Bowden to receiver's coach, if he wants to stay. When he had that job, he did it well and our receivers did not drop balls and could block downfield on runnng plays. (When was the last time anyone saw a receiver actually block downfield for a run?)

    2. Hire a new offensive coordinator. We should find and hire the best in the nation and pay him whatever it takes to get him.

    3. Mark McHale, our offensive line coach, should be placed on notice by Dave Hart that McHale has one year to solve the problems with our line (a lack of run blocking or pass blocking - actually any semblence of blocking at all!). If he does not do so, he should be replaced.

    4. Immediately fire Darryl Dickey and hire a new quarterback coach. F.S.U. has produced a number of quaterbacks over the years that might do well in this capacity (Danny Kannell might be a good candidate and he has NFL experience).

    5. Hire a good special teams coach. Our special teams coaching has been horrible all year (e.g.; the fielding of kick-offs against UF - twice we did not get beyong the 10-yard line). Mickey Andrews should focus his genius solely on the defense. Hiring a special teams coach will permit Coach Andrews to focus his efforts where they belong.

    6. Billy Sexton should also be told that major improvements to the running game must occur next year if he is to keep his job. We have three of the best running backs in the nation. For F.S.U. to have the worst rushing attack in 32 years is incomprehensible and unacceptable.

    In short, we need new ideas from our offensive coaching staff; the current staff cannot get the job done and have not been getting the job done for more than 5 years. Please remember our problems began with the horrible play calling and offensive execution against Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl/National Championship Game in 2001. That game was Jeff Bowden's first game as offensive coordintor.

    Dave Hart needs to have a long and very direct discussion with Coach Bowden. If he is truly honest with himself, Coach Bowden with agree that offensive coaching changes are warranted because the current coaches are not getting the job done. Based on his comments after the UF game in his press conference, I believe that Coach Bowden really knows intelectually what needs to be done; for obvious reasons he can't admit it to himself.

    If we do not take prompt, decisive steps to remedy the problems that are obvious to every analyst that has looked at them, I fear that our recruiting will be damaged. I am seriously concerned that the great athletes will decide to move to more competitive programs that are doing what it takes to be successful.

    Coach Hart should do his part to help Coach Bowden make the painful decisions necessaary to restore F.S.U.'s program to the level it enjoyed from 1987 until 2000. If he does, we and Coach Bowden can all enjoy Seminole football the way Boach Bowden built it to be.

    This Site Is About FSU Football

    Just want to make the point that this site is not about me but what we as FSU fans can do to effect change. As I have said elsewhere:

    If you like mediocrity,that is your choice but please don't castigate and berate others that want a quality program.

    What do we owe Bobby Bowden? Nothing. We as far as I know compensate him well. He also was willing to bail for Alabama and LSU at one time. He has no allegiance to FSU. This program is not Bobby Bowden's program. It is alumni like myself and others who have supported the program through thick and thin. I resent a man like Bobby Bowden calling fans stupid and cowards because they have the audacity to want something better. All fans should be embarrassed at his remarks.

    Rivals.Com Recruiting Rank vs. Team Record

    As you can see, FSU is almost always in the top 5 for recruits. Yet our record is dismal compared to the recruiting. That translates into lack of coaching:

    2002 9-5 Recruiting Rank #4

    2003 10-3 Recruiting Rank #21

    2004 9-3 Recruiting Rank # 3

    2005 7-4 Recruiting Rank #2

    Very Well Said

    FSU Needs Extreme Makeover

    Bobby Bowden Quotes

    " I know what the problem is and I WILL fix it." ( After last year's bowl game )

    "It irritates me that as soon as we lose a ballgame, it's 'Fire Jeff Bowden.' That's really cowardly to me." ( After losing three in a row and losing to Florida 7-34 )

    "I think people are getting personal," he said. "They'd better be glad I'd like to keep this job."

    "A lot of them never played.That's what makes my job so rough. You've got people who never played the game evaluating my performance."

    Tuesday, November 29, 2005

    Who Is the Coward?

    I find it highly offensive for Bobby Bowden to call fans stupid and cowards because they have the audacity to want a team better than we are seeing.

    Bobby Bowden refuses to listen to criticism, ignores the obvious, and has placed himself above the program.

    Is Peter Tom Willis a coward when he said that our offense looked like a high school team? Are countless football analysts cowards?

    Is Bobby Bowden and Jeff Bowden the only ones that are right? Who are the real cowards?

    News Clips

    Heat On for FSU Offense

    Bowden Gets Defensive

    Bowden Says It Is Cowardly to Call For His Son's Firing

    Florida State Not Prepared for Florida Game

    FSU Has No First Team ACC Players

    Through the first half of the season, Florida State had a number of promising candidates for postseason conference and national honors. But their individual stock has plummeted along with the team's season, and for the first time since FSU joined the Atlantic Coast Conference in 1992, the Seminoles don't have a single first-team all-conference selection this year.The first team, voted on by the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association and released Monday, features players from every conference school but FSU, which led the league with eight overall picks in 2004. WR Greg Carr, LB A.J. Nicholson, DT Brodrick Bunkley and DE Kamerion Wimbley were all named to the second team.

    The Seminoles had never garnered fewer than three first-teamers and seven selections overall before this year.

    Monday, November 28, 2005

    Purpose of This Blog

    Let me make this clear. I am a FSU graduate from the 70s, a lifetime Nole fan, and a diehard Bobby Bowden fan until recently.

    However, I think that Bobby Bowden now thinks he is above the program. This is a recipe for disaster. He has resorted to calling fans stupid and cowards because they have the "audacity" to want a better coached team.

    It is time for major changes.