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    Sunday, April 30, 2006

    Bobby Bowden Golf Tour Schedule for May

    May 1, 2006 ATLANTA
    Contact: Sandy Meier

    May 6, 2006 PALM BEACH
    Contact: Scott Osteen

    May 8, 2006 ORANGE PARK
    Contact: Ron Skelton / Marcia Banks
    904-781-8427 / 904-215-2922

    Contact: Jennifer Workman

    May 12, 2006 PINELLAS
    Hotline 727-544-NOLE
    Contact for Banquet:
    Jim Hall - 727-391-8780
    Contact for Golf:
    Marshel O'Shields727-410-1632

    May 13, 2006 FT. MYERS
    Contact: Bob Votaw

    May 19, 2006 FT. LAUDERDALE
    Contact: Michael Hagerty
    May 23, 2006 OCALA
    Contact: Staci Spears

    May 24, 2006 MELBOURNE
    Contact: Brendan McCarthy

    May 25, 2006 FT. PIERCE
    Contact: Gary Dundas

    May 26, 2006 MIAMI
    Contact: Javier Borges

    Kevin Steele Knows Ins and Outs of NFL Draft

    Nearly 18 hours before the Houston Texans were officially on the clock Saturday, the NFL team had a deal with N.C. State defensive end Mario Williams - not Southern Cal real-estate mogul Reggie Bush - for the No. 1 draft pick.

    Having spent time in an NFL war room, Kevin Steele knows that news sent general managers around the league scrambling to do even more contingency planning Friday night. A linebackers coach with the Carolina Panthers from 1995-98, Steele said most NFL coaching staffs begin conducting mock drafts...Read More>>>.

    What They Are Saying About FSU Players in the Draft

    Cleveland general manager Phil Savage on Kamerion Wimbley: ''He showed us on his pro day that he could do the drops that linebackers have to do. . . . With the broad shoulders and everything, he looks like an outside linebacker should look.''
    Detroit coach Rod Marinelli on Ernie Sims: ''All you have to do is turn the tape on and watch him play football. He's all over the field....Read More>>>.

    More Noles Go In Draft

    Leon Washington is pick #117 to the New York Jets.

    Pat Watkins is pick #138 to Dallas Cowboys.

    A.J. Nicholson is pick #157 to Cincinnati.

    Reid Selected In Third Round

    Willie Reid was selected in the third round as pick #95 of the draft by Pittsburgh.

    Saturday, April 29, 2006

    More Noles Drafted In First Round

    The Noles are dominating the numbers in the first round.

    Wimbley is drafted by Cleveland with #13 pick.

    Bunkley is drafted by Philadelphia with #14 pick.

    Cromartie is drafted by San Diego with #19 pick.

    Ernie Sims First FSU Player Picked in Draft

    Ernie Sims was picked by Detroit Lions in first round and was pick # 9 of the draft.

    Bowden On A Mission

    At 76, when simply playing a round of golf is considered an achievement for many of his contemporaries, Bowden just completed spring practice and is looking forward to his 31st season on the Seminoles sideline.

    "We would have been better last year if we didn't have so many injuries," Bowden said. "I think this team here might have a little bit more maturity. If we can stay healthy, this team has got a chance to get us back to where we...Read More>>>.

    Friday, April 28, 2006

    Bobby Bowden Sees Positive Side of NFL Draft

    Bobby Bowden looks on the positive side of this year's NFL Draft. Yes, the Florida State coach loses two players to the NFL who would have anchored his defense in the fall. Ernie Sims and Antonio Cromartie, who left FSU early for the NFL, are among four former Seminoles expected to be selected in the first round of the two-day NFL Draft that begins on Saturday. As many as 10 former Seminoles are being projected to be selected...Read More>>>.

    Time to Fish or Cut Bait

    If you have watched the NFL Draft shows on ESPN, the ESPN analysts are raving about such FSU players as Cromartie and Ernie Sims to mention just two. Their response has been they don't know how FSU lost any games.

    That is the question that many FSU fans have been asking for several years now. The talent level has been excellent but the coaching has been something else. I don't think FSU coach Bobby Bowden can hide behind excuses and defend his son any longer. This year is as they say in the South the "time to fish or cut bait."

    Thursday, April 27, 2006

    NFL Draft Day 2006- Part 5

    The NFL Draft is April 29-30 and there are a number of Seminoles that will go high in the NFL draft. In looking at a number of mock drafts by NFL analysts, there could be as many as four Seminoles who go in the first round.

    Kamerion Wimbley:(Scout analysis) Wimbley was a difficult player to fairly evaluate because he is so clearly a very competitive player with all the natural athletic ability to make plays -- especially impact plays -- all over the field throughout games. But he does not play up to his ability on a consistent basis. It is amazing that despite all of his inconsistencies, he was still involved in one play out of every 8.9 snaps, which is a very good ratio for the defensive end. The biggest concern is that Wimbley might not be a naturally instinctive football player, which is extremely hard for a defensive end to overcome -- unless he improves his initial burst off the ball he is not going to be able to threaten the corner as a speed/edge rusher in the NFL. Additionally, he does not attack the play aggressively on every snap, which hinders his ability to consistently make plays. Overall, Wimbley is no doubt going to be drafted much higher than ranked because of his flashes of production and very good natural athletic ability, but he will struggle to ever become as consistently productive as he is physically capable of. While he may not have the athleticism and instincts to make the switch to linebacker for a 4-3 defense, his athleticism combined with his good play out in space will enable him to be a productive rush-linebacker for a team that plays a 3-4 defense.

    Projected consensus mock draft pick: #17 First Round

    Willie Reid:(Scout analysis) Reid really made an impact as a receiver and returner his senior season. He is a very quick, elusive and explosive receiver who consistently makes big plays when he had the ball in the open field -- his vision and instincts help him find holes and he can explode through those holes to make big plays. He is a tough receiver who consistently has shown the willingness to catch passes in traffic without peeking/flinching, takes very hard hits and holds onto the ball. He runs sharp routes and consistently bursts out of cuts to get separation from defenders and has the hands to make the great catch consistently. He is smaller than ideal, but he plays tough and does not hesitate to run aggressively with the ball in the open field -- he consistently gets started upfield quickly and attacks the hole/crack. He is a receiver that will probably be drafted lower than he is rated, but in time he will prove the grade to be right. He can be a good starting receiver who can make plays once he has the ball in his hands and will be a dangerous punt returner early in his career.

    Sun Sports to Feature FSU Spring Football

    Ever wonder what it would be like to be up close and on the inside during spring football at a top-ranked Division I school? Fans get that chance next week in a new Sun Sports' TV special that brings viewers the unique sights and sounds from FSU spring football in Tallahassee. It's a show unlike any other offering rare access with players and coaches wearing microphones during scrimmages and letting fans see and hear first-hand what goes on. Sun Sports goes inside the locker room, into the weight room, around campus and closer to the action than ever before, uncovering the personalities of players, spotlighting their performance on the field and revealing their personal insight into the coming season for the FSU football program.

    Hosted by Sun Sports' Tom Block, UNDER THE LIGHTS®: SEMINOLE SPRING FOOTBALL is revealing and riveting. The interaction between LB Buster Davis and RB Lorenzo Booker talking back and forth throughout a scrimmage is something not heard outside the confines of the field. Cameras follow top recruit Myron Rolle around campus as he acclimates to college life and follow Booker though a tough workout in the weight room and an even tougher workout during a video game tournament he hosted the night before the spring game. Watch for immediate reaction from Coach Bobby Bowden after a scrimmage and get the inside scoop from coaches Jeff Bowden, Kevin Steele (who was miked), and Mickey Andrews as they coach their players on and off the field. It's a show not to be missed by FSU fans looking to get inside the program and see what really goes on during spring football.

    UNDER THE LIGHTS®: SEMINOLE SPRING FOOTBALL premieres statewide 5/1, 8pm with replays scheduled on Sun Sports 5/2, 1pm; 5/5, 9pm; 5/13, 5:30pm; 5/15, 9pm; 5/17, 8pm; 5/24, 3:30pm; 5/29, 9am (ET).

    The acclaimed UNDER THE LIGHTS series draws upon Sun Sports' longstanding television partnerships with many of the state's professional and collegiate teams providing viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at some of Florida's top sports stories and newsmakers away from the playing fields. Given unparalleled access by the schools, coaches and teams, the series allows viewers to witness preparations rarely seen by anyone outside the teams/programs.

    Wednesday, April 26, 2006

    NFL Draft Day 2006- Part 4

    The NFL Draft is April 29-30 and there are a number of Seminoles that will go high in the NFL draft. In looking at a number of mock drafts by NFL analysts, there could be as many as four Seminoles who go in the first round.

    Antonio Cromartie:(Scout analysis) Cromartie is a junior who came out early for the draft, but who definitely would have helped himself by staying for another season -- he could have proven himself as a starter, and would have been able to challenge for one of the top cornerback spots in the 2007 NFL Draft. He has exceptional size for a cornerback, and uses his strength and long arms very well to physically push around receiver -- he can re-route receivers surprisingly well. When he stays over his feet and keeps his knees bent in his backpedal, he can transition out of the pedal very quickly, can close on the receiver or pass in a flash, and uses his front arm well to break up passes. He is going to need a lot of work on fundamentals (footwork and backpedal) in order to take advantage of his size and natural athleticism in the NFL. Cromartie is going to be drafted higher than he's rated because of his height/weight/speed combination -- rather than being drafted based on his on-field performance from 2004. He will become a good starting cornerback in the NFL, but is going to need a season or two as a backup to improve his fundamentals and backpedal, and to become more consistent reading and reacting to the pass.

    Projected consensus mock draft pick: #22 First Round

    Pat Watkins:(Scout analysis) Watkins was a very tough player to make a thorough evaluation of because of his height and long legs, which make him somewhat of a "tweener" between safety and linebacker. He is a good-enough athlete to play safety well in the NFL when he plays aggressively, but stays under control and over his feet. He has the acceleration and playing speed to make chase-down plays in pursuit from sideline to sideline, but he does not get outside from deep coverage in time to make a play on the ball and often ends up trying to chase down receivers a few yards after the catch. With his height and playing speed, he would be an ideal candidate to make the switch to outside linebacker in the NFL, but he will need to add approximately 25 pounds to his frame and will need to greatly improve his play vs. blockers and movement through traffic to make the switch effectively. Overall, Watkins is a good-enough athlete to be given the chance to play safety first in the NFL and he could be a good box safety who usually lines up closer to the line of scrimmage and does not have as many coverage responsibilities. One added bonus is that while Watkins is adjusting to the NFL and trying to become a starting safety, he will be able to impact games from day one with his play on special teams as a gunner.

    Wimbley Patiently Awaiting NFL Draft

    Kamerion Wimbley isn't concerned about where he will begin his National Football League career -- city and position. A defensive end at Florida State, some NFL scouts project Wimbley as an outside linebacker in the NFL because there are concerns that he might not have the size to be an impact player...Read More>>>.

    Tuesday, April 25, 2006

    Cromartie Stock Rising In NFL Draft

    More than 150 poker-faced NFL coaches and scouts watched Antonio Cromartie's March workout for one reason.Not to question his size or toughness. Just the left knee that eight months earlier required reconstructive surgery and prevented the cornerback...Read More>>>.

    Jost Looks for Huge NFL Draft for Seminoles

    Jon Jost had a sense that this NFL Draft would be something special for Florida State football players when the first scouts entered his office in the fall. And with each conversation between himself and NFL teams, the excitement ....Read More>>>.

    Monday, April 24, 2006

    ACC Announces Championship Game Time

    The Atlantic Coast Conference has announced that the 2006 Dr Pepper ACC Football Championship game will kickoff at 1:00 p.m., on Saturday, December 2. The league's second annual football title game will be played at Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida, and for a second straight year the game will be televised nationally by ABC.

    A year ago, before 72,749 fans in the league's inaugural title game, Florida State's Willie Reid returned a punt 83 yards for a touchdown and Drew Weatherford threw for 225 yards and one touchdown as the Seminoles claimed their 12th ACC title in 14 years with a 27-22 victory over Virginia Tech.

    Texas QB To Decide This Week

    Florida State should know their fate by the end of the week with one of the country’s top quarterback prospects. The Texarkana (TX) standout will decide among Michigan, Florida State, Alabama and Oklahoma.

    “I’m probably going to decide by the end of the week,” quarterback Ryan Mallett said. “I need to talk to my coaches about it.”

    Florida State has been moving up his list but many feel Michigan is the team to beat because that’s the school that he has visited in person.

    “I don’t need to take any more visits,” he said. “I pretty much know about all the schools from talking to all of the coaches on the phone. Academics will be in important along with where I can see myself fitting in. Being able to gel with the coaches is a big-deal.”

    What are his thoughts on the Noles?

    “The coaches there are great,” he said. “They are a powerhouse of a program. They were a little down last year but I believe that they still played

    Sunday, April 23, 2006

    Seminole Traditions: The Seminoles

    Florida State would play two football games in 1947 before students demanded the school acquire a symbol. While details conflict, most believe the account of a student body poll is accurate. The Florida Flambeau reported that "Seminoles" had won by 110 votes over "Statesmen." The rest of the top contenders in order were "Rebels," "Tarpons," "Fighting Warriors" and "Crackers." In the 1950's, a pair of students dressed in "Indian" costume joined the cheerleaders on the field which eventually evolved into the majestic symbol of Osceola and Renegade that FSU enjoys today.

    The history of the Seminole Indians in Florida is the story of a noble, brave, courageous, strong and determined people who, against great odds, struggled successfully to preserve their heritage and live their lives according to their traditions and preferences. From its earliest days as a university, Florida State has proudly identified its athletic teams with these heroic people because they represent the traits we want our athletes to have. Other athletic teams are called Patriots or Volunteers in the same way. They use a symbol that represents qualities they admire.

    Recent critics have complained that the use of the Indian symbolism is derogatory. Any symbol can be misused and become derogatory. This, however, has never been the intention of Florida State.

    Over the years,FSU has worked closely with the Seminole Tribe of Florida to ensure the dignity and propriety of the various Seminole symbols we use. Chief Osceola, astride his appaloosa when he plants a flaming spear on the 50-yard line, ignites a furious enthusiasm and loyalty in thousands of football fans, but also salutes a people who have proven that perseverance with integrity prevails.

    Some traditions the school cannot control. For instance, in the early 80's, when our band, the Marching Chiefs, began the now-famous arm motion while singing the "war chant," who knew that a few years later the gesture would be picked up by other team's fans and named the "tomahawk chop?" It's a term we did not choose and officially do not use.

    The university's goal is to be a model community that treats all cultures with dignity while celebrating diversity.

    The good relationship with the Seminole Tribe of Florida is one FSU has cultivated carefully and one they hope to maintain, to the benefit of both the Seminoles of our state and university. Seminole Tribe of Florida Chairman James E. Billie express this point in these words: "We are proud to be Seminoles, and we are proud of the Florida State University Seminoles. We are all winners."

    Saturday, April 22, 2006

    FSU Looks to Sign Jax LB

    Florida State may only sign one linebacker in this recruiting class, but they are showing interest in a handful of guys. One of the most recent is Jacksonville Forrest standout Brandon Hicks. On Monday, the 6-foot-3, 205 pounder heard that good news should be on the way soon.

    "I talked to their recruiting coordinator (John Lilly) on Monday," said Forrest Head Coach Dennis Clemons. "They said after looking at his film, they are going to offer him. I don't know when it is, but they said they will."

    No question, the Jacksonville linebacker was excited to receive word that an offer from the 'Noles is on its way.

    "He's very excited," said Clemons. "His mom graduated from Florida State. We were surprised that they (will) offer. We don't get much pub. Since I've been here the biggest guy we had was last year with Joseph Singleton who signed with Southern Miss. They want to work him out through their summer camp. They are trying to get him at the camp and get a good look at him."

    Hicks already has written offers from Miami and Auburn and spent a day this week in Gainesville watching the Gators at spring practice. Other schools in the mix include Clemson and Ole Miss.

    As a junior, Hicks recorded 88 tackles, 12 sacks, including 5 over the final 2 games. Hicks also led the team in quarterback pressures as an outside linebacker. On offense as a tight end, Hicks had 220 receiving yards and two touchdowns. If that's not enough, he's also the kick off guy and the punter.

    "He's a hustle player," said Clemons, "he plays hard on every play. Seldom do you see him loaf. He enjoys the game, he smiles the whole game. He's constantly hustling to the football and is relentless at attacking the football."

    In the classroom, Hicks has a 2.4 cumulative GPA and is awaiting his SAT score. The First Coast linebacker will attend Florida State summer camp but doesn't have definitive plans to go anywhere else just yet.

    "When you play teams, you have to play for No. 8 (Hicks)," said Clemons. "Not a lot of teams know what we've done. We're putting together a DVD of his highlights. We don't want him to get left out, so we're doing our little campaigning."

    Friday, April 21, 2006

    NFL Draft Day 2006- Part 3

    The NFL Draft is April 29-30 and there are a number of Seminoles that will go high in the NFL draft. In looking at a number of mock drafts by NFL analysts, there could be as many as four Seminoles who go in the first round.

    Leon Washington:(Scout analysis)Washington has been a very hard player to get a good feel for because of his constant rotating in and out of games. He is a very well built back with the power and strength to be an effective runner once he gets past the line of scrimmage. He can keep his feet vs. hard hits and has shown the ability to lower a shoulder to deliver a hard blow to tackler to gain the extra yard at the end of the run. He has the very quick feet, acceleration, vision, instincts and playing speed to make big plays and plays a lot of Ryan Moats who was drafted in the third round by the Philadelphia Eagles. On film, Washington is a tough football player and has the physique to hold up physically in the NFL, but he is going to have to prove that. Overall, Washington is going to be a very good NFL starting running back if used in a system similar to what the Eagles use. But if used in a more traditional NFL offense, he is best suited as a backup running back, starting third down back and punt returner. But be careful not to over-draft him because of his lack of size and experience carrying the offensive load on his back.

    Thursday, April 20, 2006

    NFL Draft Day 2006- Part 2

    The NFL Draft is April 29-30 and there are a number of Seminoles that will go high in the NFL draft. In looking at a number of mock drafts by NFL analysts, there could be as many as four Seminoles who go in the first round.

    Ernie Sims:(Scout Analysis) Sims is a junior who came out early for the 2006 NFL Draft that could have really improved his status by staying for his senior season. He is a well-built linebacker with good athletic ability, and when he plays aggressively and under control, he is consistently productive. Gets moving quickly at the snap, and when he reads the play correctly, he can accelerate quickly to the ball, close fast and make a lot of tackles chasing in pursuit. Has the natural strength to fill quickly and blow plays up in the hole. But if the blocker can get a hold of him first, Sims struggles to shed in time to make the play. Overall, Sims is going to be drafted high due to his excellent off-field workouts, but he is not the consistently productive player that is a high draft pick is considered to be. He will end up being a starting linebacker in the NFL who makes his share of plays each game, but will struggle to be the consistently productive linebacker he has the physical ability to be.

    Projected consensus mock draft pick: #12 First Round

    Wednesday, April 19, 2006

    Seminole Traditions

    Florida State's gold helmets with garnet and white spears on both sides are the focal point of a uniform which was named the "best in college football" in a 1991 fan poll by Sporting News. The Seminoles have had virtually the same head gear for 21 years dating back to Bobby Bowden's arrival in 1976. FSU's 1975 helmet had the outline of the state with a large Seminole head logo where Tallahassee would be. From 1970-74, the helmet had a garnet stripe and two white strips down the middle, along with a logo of the state of Florida on the side with the word STATE written along it. The Seminoles' helmets reflected the 100th year of college football in 1969 and like many schools the Tribe wore a football with 100 printed on it on the side of their headgear. Helmets featured the word STATE on the sides of a gold helmet with varying stripes from 1964-68, and prior to 1964, the Florida State's helmets had few unique characteristics. Special to Florida State is the recent practice of awarding Tomahawk stickers for outstanding performances in academics as well as athletics.

    NFL Draft Day 2006- Part 1

    The NFL Draft is April 29-30 and there are a number of Seminoles that will go high in the NFL draft. In looking at a number of mock drafts by NFL analysts, there could be as many as four Seminoles who go in the first round. Here is the first of the reviews of Seminoles who are expected to be drafted:

    Broderick Bunkley: (Scout Analysis) Bunkley is not a player who just jumps off the film at you right away, but the more you watch, the more he grows on you as you see him consistently make and disrupt plays. He is a tremendously well-built player, who really showed off his stuff at the Combine -- not only did he look great, but he worked out very well and stole the show with his bench pressing of 255 pounds over 40 times. He is a very good athlete for a defensive tackle, which gives him the ability to impact games in all areas. One of the things that is really impressive about Bunkley is that he plays with tremendous competitiveness and does whatever it takes to make the play, or to slow it up so that his teammates can make the play -- when you realize how many defensive tackles do not compete hard on every snap, it makes Bunkley stand out even more. Overall, Bunkley has all the physical tools to be a very good starting defensive tackle, who will consistently disrupt plays in the backfield and will collapse the pocket regularly as a pass rusher. He is talented enough to start as either a traditional two-gap tackle in a 4-3 defense, as the under tackle in a 4-3 defense, or as a defensive end in a 3-4 defense -- and he will start early in his career.

    Projected consensus mock draft pick: #11 First Round

    Tuesday, April 18, 2006

    Q & A: Bobby Bowden

    Do you still enjoy coming out on the Booster Tour after all these years?

    Bowden: "We have 25 of these dinners. This is the third one. We started in Winter Haven and Daytona last week. It's always good to be back in Jacksonville. We like Jacksonville so much that we have two dinners. One here, and one in Orange Park.

    How does it feel to not have to go into a spring or season with a Quarterback "Situation" on your hands?

    Bowden: "We finally go into spring with a stable quarterback situation. Our back up Xavier Lee missed spring training. He needed it. He's No. 2, but he didn't get it because of an operation he had. He'll be back in the fall. Weatherford is stable and gets better all the time. He's a heck of a leader and a good quarterback. We had a good spring because we were healthy. You get a lot done when people can practice. A majority of our kids got better and improved."

    With Leon Washington gone, how will the running back situation look next season?

    Bowden: "There's not a lot of playing time. Booker is back as a senior, Antone is a sophomore, Jamaal Edwards is a sophomore, and Russell Ball, a kid from Texas had a good spring until he got hurt for us. I just hope it's not a year deal, but we feel good at the running back position."

    Is it too early to praise Myron Rolle as a freshman, or can we just go ahead and do it?

    Bowden: "You're probably not making a mistake praising him. He came to FSU as an outstanding prospect. He got in school in January. To be honest with you, academically, he's probably a sophomore. He can waive so many courses. He's a four point student. After 15 days of spring training, he was one of our outstanding players. I think he'll live up to the reputation."

    You lose a lot of guys early, Sims, Cromartie...How do you replace guys like that?

    Bowden: "Last year, linebacker was our best position depth wise. You lose Ernie Sims, A.J., McGrew, but we have guys coming up that are doggone good. The guy who had the best spring is Timmons, No. 83. You watch him next year, he's pretty tough.

    How's the golf game?

    Bowden: "I sure enjoy it. This is my recreation. I don't care about hunting, I care nothing about fishing. I coach football and play golf when I'm through with football. This is golf season. How can you have more fun than playing golf."

    Torn ACL Sidelines FSU Runnning Back Ball

    Florida State redshirt freshman tailback Russell Ball has a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his knee, team physicians said in a statement released by FSU on Monday. Ball injured the knee at the conclusion of FSU's spring game on April 8. A native of La Marque, Texas, Ball worked as the fourth-team tailback this spring behind Lorenzo Booker, Antone Smith and Jamaal Edwards. He will have surgery following final exams.

    Sunday, April 16, 2006

    Bowden On Tour

    Florida State head football coach Bobby Bowden slowly walked to the 18th tee and took some practice swings. His stride to the tee wasn't a struggle, although each step was measured, and his practice swings were just as methodical as his steps.

    Yet when the NCAA Division I-A all-time winningest football coach took his swing, it was a perfect shot...Read More>>>.

    Bobby Bowden Golf Tour Schedule for April

    April 18, 2006 LAKE CITY

    Contact:  Harold Mann 


    April 20, 2006 PENSACOLA

    Contact:  Hotline


    April 21, 2006 PANAMA CITY

    Contact:  Janice Hanks 


    April 24, 2006 TALLAHASSEE

    Contact:  Scott Carswell

         850-878-6900 X27

    April 28, 2006 TAMPA

    Contact:  Hotline:  813-695-NOLE   
    April 29, 2006 ORLANDO

    Contact:  Andy Chmelir


    Friday, April 14, 2006

    FSU Fan Shows Her Spirit

    Jenn Sterger was just your average college student until September 5, 2005. That's when this Tampa native made a brief appearance on ABC's broadcast of the Miami-FSU football game. When he saw the scantily-clad Sterger and her very attractive friends, announcer Brent Musberger said, "15,000 young red-blooded American men just signed up to go to Florida State."

    In the days after the Seminoles' win over the Hurricanes, Jenn and her friends quickly became a popular topic on the message boards of FSU websites.Because she was wearing a cowboy hat during the game, Sterger became unofficially known as "The Cowgirl."

    In the seven months since the national television debut of Jenn the Cowgirl, she's been asked to write a weekly column for Sports Illustrated On Campus, and she's also posed for pictures in Maxim and Playboy.

    FSU Posts Excellent Graduation Rate

    Fourteen of 16 members in the football team’s Class of 2000 earned their degrees within the six-year window that is used by the NCAA to track graduation rates.

    That gives FSU an 87.5 percent graduation rate in a report that will be released later this fall. But FSU officials hope that figure will change to 100 percent before the report is released.

    "We will have two players in that class graduate just outside the window," said Dave Hart, FSU’s director of athletics. "It seems to me like we could find a way to announce a 100 percent graduation class."

    The two players who did not complete degree requirements within the six-year window – Bobby Meeks and Charles Howard – are expected to graduate early this summer. Meeks is on campus completing his degree in political science and Howard is expected to take his final three-hour class in the first summer semester.

    "We’ve never posted a 100-percent rate," said Mark Meleney, FSU’s director of athletic academic support. "We're gong to do a disclaimer and see if they give us a chance to post these last two graduates for a 100-percent class."

    Thursday, April 13, 2006

    Bowden To Receive Duffy Daugherty Memorial Award Today

    The winningest coach in Division I-A football history will receive the Duffy Daugherty Memorial Awards for 2006.Florida State living legend Bobby Bowden, former East Lansing High teacher Jeff Smith and the late Don Canham of the University of Michigan will be saluted at a banquet at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 13, at Eagle Eye Golf Club, 15101 Chandler Road in Bath, Mich.

    "It's another great group of honorees," Daugherty Award Committee President Patrick Boog said. "It's as strong a group as you could ever have. And it shows the kind of respect there is for Duffy as a person and as a coach."

    The Daugherty Award was first presented in 1992 and honors the memory of the winningest coach in Michigan State football history, a sideline humorist and a pioneer in integration. It is given for lifetime achievement and outstanding contributions to amateur football.

    With 359 victories, Bowden is still going strong at age 76. He was head coach at Samford, his alma mater, for four seasons and led West Virginia for six years before coming to Florida State in 1976. In 30 seasons with the Seminoles, Bowden's teams have won 286 games, earned two national titles and finished among the nation's top five teams a record 14 straight times.

    Bowden will join college coaches like Schembechler, Bud Wilkinson of Oklahoma, Bob Devaney and Tom Osborne of Nebraska, Eddie Robinson of Grambling, Ara Parseghian of Notre Dame, Joe Paterno of Penn State, Woody Hayes of Ohio State, Frank Kush of Arizona State, Biggie Munn of Michigan State and Hayden Fry of Iowa, plus ABC broadcaster Keith Jackson, as Daugherty Award wi

    Mickey Andrews To Be Inducted Into Alabama Sports Hall Of Fame

    Florida State Defensive Coordinator Mickey Andrews will be one of eight individuals who will be inducted into the State of Alabama Sports Hall of Fame on Sunday, May 21st.

    A native of Daleville, Alabama Andrews played collegiately at the University of Alabama. He earned second team All-American honors as a wide receiver and defensive back. He was also an All-SEC choice in baseball. In 1964, he received the Hugo Friedman Award as the Tide's best all-around athlete.

    He began his coaching career as an assistant coach at Erwin High School in Birmingham, Al. After one year he became the offensive backs coach at Eastern Kentucky. From 1967 to '70 was an assistant coach at Livingston (now known as West Alabama). In '70 he was promoted to head coach and in '71 they won the NAIA National Championship. After leaving Livingston, he had coaching stints at North Alabama, Clemson, Florida and the Arizona Wranglers (USFL) before becoming the Defensive Coordinator at Florida State.

    He was recognized in 1996 as the nation's top assistant coach when he received the first-ever Frank Broyles award. In 2002 he was promoted to Associate Head Coach. His defensive unit has been rated in the top five nationally seven of the last 12 seasons. He has been involved in five national championships (two as a player at Alabama '61 and '64, as head coach at Livingston '71 and two at Florida State '93 and '99).

    To order tickets for the May 21 induction banquet at the Birmingham Ballroom at the Birmingham Sheraton Hotel call the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame at 205-323-6665.

    Defensive Line Looking Good

    During Saturday's Garnet & Gold Game in Doak Campbell Stadium, no position really stood out quite as much as the defensive line – a unit that many critics thought could be the downfall of the Seminoles in 2006 due to their holes and lack of maturity.

    The word throughout practice was there was no way the 'Noles could recover from losing two potential first-round linemen – Kamerion Wimbley and Brodrick Bunkley – yet this defensive line...Read More>>>.

    Wednesday, April 12, 2006

    Will Jeff Bowden Be Held In Check Regarding Running Game?

    Former Florida State quarterback Gary Pajcic had just handed Warrick Dunn a check for his foundation at the 50-yard line, complete with the little handoff move the two might have enacted if they'd been Seminoles at the same time.

    The ceremony preceded Saturday's Garnet and Gold game, giving the former players, and university President T.K. Wetherell, the honor of kicking off the afternoon's festivities. That is, after all....Read More>>>.

    Tuesday, April 11, 2006

    Rolle Shooting For First Team

    Rolle's 64-yard interception return was among the top highlights in the Seminoles' annual spring game, with the defense beating the offense 23-12. "My goal is to be a starter that first game," said Rolle....Read More>>>.

    Monday, April 10, 2006

    Will FSU Stick to Balanced Offense This Fall?

    The Garnet and Gold game had a different sound to it on Saturday. And what coach Bobby Bowden heard as his offense came to the line was confirmation that his emphasis on the ground game was working, even it it didn't show in the rushing statistics.

    “So many times I'd hear them say, 'Stop the run, stop the run, stop the run,' ” Bowden said. “. . .Read More>>>.

    Sunday, April 09, 2006

    Odds and Ends From Spring Game

    Several starters sat out Saturday's scrimmage, including senior tailback Lorenzo Booker, who was given the option of a day off by the coaching staff. Defensive tackle Andre Fluellen and center Dumaka Atkins (knee injuries) had the day off, along with tight end Charlie Graham (hamstring). ... Atkins' absence meant John Frady (Bolles) took all the snaps with the first-team offense. ... Among the myriad awards presented Saturday, Booker and tailback Antone Smith were named offensive MVPs of the spring, while linebacker Lawrence Timmons was the defensive MVP. Smith and Timmons shared the Hinesman Award, presented to the most dominant player of the spring. ... Transfer punter Brent Moody appears to have put some distance between himself and Graham Gano for the starting job. Moody averaged 37.5 yards on two attempts, while Gano averaged only 32.5 and had a punt blocked.

    Saturday, April 08, 2006

    Spring Awards

    Florida State presented its spring awards at halftime of the Garnet and Gold Game Saturday, honoring tailback Antone Smith and linebacker Lawrence Timmons as co-winners of the Hinesman Award for being the most dominant players.

    Smith and fellow tailback Lorenzo Booker were named co-most valuable players on offense and Timmons got the defensive MVP award.

    The other awards:
    Most improved quarterback: Jared Whipkey.
    Most dependable quarterback: Drew Weatherford.
    Most improved wide receiver: Joslin Shaw.
    Most dependable wide receiver: Greg Carr.
    Most improved offensive lineman: Dumaka Atkins.
    Most dependable offensive lineman: Mario Henderson.
    Most improved running back: Joe Surratt.
    Most dependable running back: Lorenzo Booker.
    Most improved tight end: Charlie Graham.
    Most improved defensive end: Tyler Herrington.
    Most dependable defensive end: Everette Brown.
    Most improved defensive tackle: Kendrick Stewart.
    Most dependable defensive tackle: Andre Fluellen.
    Most improved linebacker: Geno Hayes.
    Most dependable linebacker: Derek Nicholson.
    Most improved defensive back: Korey Mangum.
    Most dependable defensive back: Roger Williams.
    King of the boards (offense): Marcus Ford.
    Kind of the boards (defense): Paul Griffin.
    Top non-scholarship player (offense): Pat Davis.
    Top non-scholarship player (defense): Roosevelt Lawson.
    Big Otis Award: Geno Hayes.
    Second Effort (offense): Mario Henderson.
    Second Effort (defense): Andre Fluellen.
    Top newcomer (offense): Shannon Boatman.
    Top newcomer (defense): Myron Rolle.
    Big Hitter (offense): Robert Hallback.
    Big Hitter (defense): Lawrence Timmons.
    Iron Nole (offense): David Overmyer.
    Iron Nole (defense): Darius McClure.
    Leadership Award (offense): Drew Weatherford.
    Leadership Award (defense): Buster Davis.
    Most Committed to Physical Development: Jamie Robinson.
    Matt Schmauch Academic Achievement Award: Darrell Burst

    Defense Wins Spring Game 23-12

    The Florida State football finished up spring drills with the annual Garnet & Gold game Saturday afternoon in Doak Campbell Stadium. The coaches used a points system again this year and the defense came out on top by a final score of 23-12. The offense took the lead on a 49-yard touchdown pass from Tommy Keane to Robert Hallback, but Myron Rolle's 64-yard interception return for a touchdown sealed the victory for the defense. Buster Davis added five tackles (one for loss) while Kendrick Stewart and Everette Brown chipped in for the defense with two tackles for loss apiece.

    Drew Weatherford completed 9-of-12 passes for 75 yards, but was picked off once by Roger Williams. Weatherford had not thrown an interception in any of the scrimmages or half-scrimmages this spring. Robert Hallback led all receivers with 68 yards on four catches with one touchdown. Joe Surratt hauled in four passes for 26 yards. Russell Ball was the top rusher, carrying six times for 27 yards. Ball injured his knee late in the scrimmage and his status has not yet been released.

    The defense totaled five sacks in the game with one each coming from Brown, Geno Hayes, Letroy Guion, Paymon Forootanshad and Walter Small. Davis' five tackles led the team followed by Brown (four), Stewart (three), Rolle (three), Lawrence Timmons (three), Jamie Robinson (three) and Jae Thaxton (three).

    The team wrapped up the day with goalline drills. The offense scored on three of eight attempts from the three-yard line and in. Those scores came on a three-yard run by Antone Smith, a three-yard pass from Weatherford to Greg Carr, and a one-yard pass from Jared Whipkey to Jonathan Person.

    At haltime, Lorenzo Booker and Antone Smith were honored as the most valuable players on offense with Lawrence Timmons earning MVP honors on defense. Smith and Timmons shared the Hinesman Award as the most dominant players of the spring.

    Friday, April 07, 2006

    Spring Game on Saturday

    The Florida State football team will complete spring drills with the Garnet and Gold Game on Saturday at 2:00 p.m. at Doak Campbell Stadium.

    A limited number of stadium gates will open at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday and the public is asked to sit on the west side of the stadium. Stadium gates B, C, D, F and X only will be open and the concession stands and restrooms will be open on both levels of the west side only. Standard stadium safety policy will be in place so fans will not be allowed to bring umbrellas or coolers into the stadium.

    The Great Hall of the Moore Athletic Center, which houses the national championship trophies and both Charlie Ward and Chris Weinke's Heisman trophies, will be open from 8:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. on Saturday only. In addition, fans can visit the interactive games and collect give away items beginning at 12:00 p.m. at Seminole Village on Langford Green just outside the south end of the stadium.

    The spring game will be a modified scrimmage for the team with a special scoring system. The offense will get six points for a touchdown, three for a field goal and one for an extra point, but can also score two points by converting a fourth down. In addition, the offense would be awarded a single point for a first down on their first series of each possession. The defense can score six points with a touchdown and two with a safety, and can also score three points with a blocked field goal, one point with a blocked extra point, and two points with a stop on fourth down. The defense will also be awarded three points for a turnover and a point for forcing a three-and-out on the first series of each possession. The scrimmage will culminate in overtime and goal line drills which will not be scored.

    Traditional Awards will be presented by Coach Bowden at halftime along with a very special presentation between two former FSU stars.

    Q & A: Myron Rolle - Part 2

    Q. How was it been getting adjusted to the workload that comes with being in the early stages of earning that degree?

    M.R.: Well, this is the question where I get to plug my high school a bit. I went to a boarding school so it was tough. I took about eight A.P. (advanced placement) classes in high school so the workload really hasn’t changed for me and I have been able to adjust to college academics a lot easier.

    Q. And I am sure that FSU is a bit bigger than your boarding school too.

    M.R. (Laughing) Oh yeah. When I came on my recruiting visit here in the summer (of 2005) we were in the car driving everywhere so it didn’t seem like it was that far but when you are here walking … it takes about 20 minutes to get from here (the practice fields) to the Westcott Building. I had to learn the bus routes fast.

    Q. What about the recognition? Does anybody on campus stop you for an autograph or anything like that?

    M.R. Yeah it definitely happens. I have been asked for autographs and pictures on the bus and walking to classes. Facebook is a big thing. A lot of people request me to be their friend on there. But I enjoy it. A lot of people know who I am so hopefully I can live up to their expectations for me and do well when I put on that Seminole uniform.

    Q. So how do you juggle the academic, athletic and celebrity of all this?

    M.R. That’s a really good question. I just try to stay sane and keep my priorities straight my just hanging out with friends and keep my family close because they are the ones that keep me grounded. All that outside stuff can come at you and inflate your head a little bit but you have to stay grounded.

    Q. Well, speaking of family; I know that your older brother is going to be enrolling in the Sports Management graduate program in the summer but I have noticed that some other member of your family have been out at some practices. That must be quite the journey from New Jersey.

    M.R. My mother is actually out here right now watching practice. She actually moved down here. I am the baby of the family so she didn’t want to go too far from me. She is down here now and she likes it. It’s really good to have her here. Anytime I need a ride somewhere she’s there for me. If I ever need anything she is there. One thing I did tell her though, was to make it seem like she was still in Jersey and I am here because I still have to feel like I am in college and on my own as a man. But, it’s still really good to hav

    Thursday, April 06, 2006

    Q & A: Myron Rolle

    Q. After being such a dominant player in high school, what has been the biggest difference here at a major college program?

    Myron Rolle: The biggest difference is the mental part of it. You have to think a lot faster because the players are a lot faster. I think once you get over that hurdle and you react to your reads and the ball quicker than you can become a good player. That is definitely a big difference from high school.

    Q. What about the coaches? You are now out here on the field with the winningest coach in Division I history in Bobby Bowden and a defensive coordinator in Mickey Andrews that is considered one of the best as well.

    M.R.: That is definitely a difference. Coach Andrews expects a lot out of you and you should expect a lot out of yourself playing for Florida State University. He will yell at you and he will get on you but you just have to take it in stride and take his good advice and work with it. That helps you become a better player and improve.

    Q. What about improving? What are the areas that you are concentrating on making yourself get better at?

    M.R.: I just think that I need to work on learning the system a little more. I am brand new and I have done pretty well so far with only being here for a couple of months. I think once I learn everything I will be ready to go against Miami (in the 2006 season opener). I think that’s my biggest weakness right

    Wednesday, April 05, 2006

    FSU Spring Practice: Day 12

    The Seminoles held their practice Wednesday afternoon and worked out on the practice fields for nine periods before moving to the stadium for a half-scrimmage. This was the team's final regular practice as the spring concludes with the Garnet & Gold game on Saturday, April 8th at 2:00 p.m. Drew Weatherford continued to post impressive scrimmage numbers despite working without starting wideouts De'Cody Fagg and Chris Davis all spring. Weatherford was 6-of-7 for 79 yards and still has not thrown an interception in any scrimmage or half-scrimmage. Antone Smith worked with the first team at tailback (Lorenzo Booker earned a day off ) and carried just two times for 24 yards, but one of those was a 14-yard TD run. At the end of the session, the offense and defense faced off from the 10-yard line and then the goalline (three-yard line and in). The defense did not allow a score in eight plays from the 10 and eight plays from the goalline. Korey Mangum had two pass break-ups in goalline. Lawrence Timmons (4 tackles, 2 TFL, 1 PBU), Buster Davis (4 tackles, 2 TFL), Roger Williams (4 tackles), Jae Thaxton (3 tackles, 2 TFL) and Myron Rolle (3 tackles, 1 sack, 1 PBU) were the defense's top performers. Joslin Shaw was Weatherford's top receiving target with three catches for 52 yards.

    Tuesday, April 04, 2006

    Run Doesn't Sit Well With Jeff

    Run, run, run. The ground game has been the focus and talk of spring football at Florida State. But ultimately, the goal is to be more balanced. And for offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden, that means closely monitoring his receivers.

    He's not exactly thrilled by what he has seen. This is a group that has missed Chris Davis and De'Cody Fagg this spring because of injury. And while he sees flashes from the others, the consistent effort is not there. There have been...Read More>>>.

    Observations: Well, Jeff, you are the coach. After all, the players come in with talent but it is up to you to coach them. So do your job. No excuses.

    Monday, April 03, 2006

    FSU Spring Practice: Day 11

    The Seminoles held their 13th practice of the spring on Monday afternoon, working out in shells for 20 periods after reviewing the film from Saturday's scrimmage. The team will practice once more on Wednesday and then wrap up the spring with the Garnet and Gold game on Saturday at 2:00 p.m. The coaches used the final four periods on Monday for 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 scrimmaging. Freshman safety Myron Rolle came up big with a pair of interceptions, one in each scrimmage session. Drew Weatherford hit Richard Goodman for a 40-yard touchdown in 7-on-7 against Tony Carter, but Carter bounced back on the next play and took an interception off Tommy Keane back for a touchdown. In 11-on-11, Jamie Robinson and Geno Hayes had pass break-ups.

    Booker Finding the Blocks

    At first it didn't look like much, just a swing pass to Florida State running back Lorenzo Booker by the sideline that should've amounted to a meager gain. But the right blocks fell in place, and Booker fired off a few moves. Suddenly he was dashing down the center of the field 65 yards....Read More>>>.

    Sunday, April 02, 2006

    Weathering The Storm

    Florida State quarterback Drew Weatherford took his tailback to Moe's Southwest Grill last week. Neither said a word about why they were there; it was understood Weatherford was returning the favor.

    He pulled out his wallet, then he and Lorenzo Booker sat talking for a good hour about how things are going to be for the Seminoles this season, about Booker's career and how fast it has...Read More>>>.

    Charles Graham Making Strides At Tight End

    Charles Graham was ready for this moment. Florida State's senior tight ends and assistant coach John Lilly made certain of that in the fall with plenty of tips for the freshman. But Graham's preparation this spring goes back further than that.

    "His (Madison County) high school coach did a great job of coaching him on the fundamentals of blocking," Lilly said of Graham, who took a redshirt last season. "That's been an easy thing...Read More>>>.

    Stat Leaders From Saturday Scrimmage

    Drew Weatherford (9-16, 120 yards, 1 TD)

    Lorenzo Booker (2-67, 1 TD)
    Richard Goodman (6-47)

    Antone Smith (9-67)
    Jamaal Edwards (3-20)

    Derek Nicholson (7 tackles, 1 pass break-up)
    Anthony Houllis (5 tackles, 2 pass break-ups, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery)
    Lawrence Timmons (5 tackles)
    Myron Rolle (5 tackles, 1 pass break-up)

    Field Goals
    Gary Cismesia: 4-5 (20 Good, 20 Good, 42 Good, 47 Miss, 47 Make)
    Graham Gano: 3-4 (20 Good, 42 Good, 42 Miss, 47 Good)

    Saturday, April 01, 2006

    FSU Spring Practice: Day 10

    The Florida State football team held its second full scrimmage of the spring Saturday afternoon in Doak Campbell Stadium. On the first play of the day, Lorenzo Booker took a swing pass from Drew Weatherford for a 65-yards touchdown. Weatherford finished 9-of-16 for 120 yards with the TD. He has not thrown an interception in any of the scrimmages or half-scrimmages this spring. Antone Smith led all rushers with 67 yards on nine carries. The defense stepped up after the early score and kept the offense out of the endzone for the remainder of the regular scrimmage. In goalline, the offense could only muster one touchdown in eight tries. Derek Nicholson led all tacklers with seven stops and also had a pass break-up while Anthony Houllis also had a big day with five tackles and two pass break-ups. Houllis also forced and recovered a fumble.

    The Seminoles will return to practice Monday afternoon and will practice once more on Wednesday prior to the spring game, which will be held on April 8th at 2:00 p.m. in the stadium.