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    Monday, June 26, 2006

    FSU Countdown Begins

    The countdown begins in earnest today for Florida State football players.

    Back from a weeklong break between summer sessions, they have six weeks before the first practice begins Aug. 7. The task of preparing for a 12-game regular season, and the defense of FSU's ACC title, begins without reserves Kenny O'Neal (dismissed) and...Read More>>>.

    Saturday, June 24, 2006

    FSU Loses Two Players

    Jeff Bowden had seen enough of Kenny O'Neal to appreciate the speedy wide receiver's potential. One of the Californian's five catches as a Florida State redshirt freshman went for 75 yards, and he was also the team's leading kick returner.

    That talent won't be of any help for the offensive coordinator...Read More>>>.

    Friday, June 23, 2006

    2006 Season Preview- Game One:Miami

    Game 1 - Miami - Coral Gables, Fla.

    Last season the Hurricanes (9-3, 6-2 ACC) fell to the Seminoles on Bobby Bowden Field. This year the 'Noles meet the 'Canes in Miami for the first game of the 2006 season in what is ironically one of their furthest away games. The Hurricanes return with a now-veteran quarterback in Kyle Wright that struggled mightily against the Tribe's defensive rush last year, but faces FSU this time with 2,403 passing yards under his belt. Conference touchdown leader Tyrone Moss - who nabbed 12 rushing scores last season - is still recovering from an ACL injury that might leave the powerful back not up to his usually explosive ways. On the other side of the ball, the 'Canes posses two defensive stars in safety Brandon Merriweather and defensive

    Wednesday, June 14, 2006

    Weatherford Knows His Role

    Drew Weatherford wasn't sure what his role would be when he and his Florida State teammates began summer workouts last year.

    This summer, Weatherford is firmly entrenched as the starting quarterback and as a team leader. Although just a redshirt sophomore, Weatherford...Read More>>>.

    Monday, June 12, 2006

    Q & A: Myron Rolle

    Q: What have you been up to since spring practices concluded?

    A: “I’ve been taking two classes and lifting at eight o’clock four days a week. And now we’re just starting some workouts and (I’m) trying to prepare myself for the season.”

    Q: Who coordinates the dills that the defensive backs do after workouts?

    A “We just do it ourselves. I know that Coach (Mickey) Andrews likes for us to get that extra work in after practice. Some of the older guys … Roger (Williams) and Tony (Carter) got us together and said, ‘We should get some extra work in and just improve ourselves with nobody out here watching.’ It’s a good thing to do and I think that I got better today.”

    Q: Can you get more out of that than doing one-on-ones with wide receivers?

    A “I think so because it’s all about technique. You can apply what you learned in those drills when you start the one-on-ones but right now we want to get out foundation a little better. Then we will go out there and try those guys a little later.”

    Q: Who has stood out to you so far in the two days of workouts?

    A: “Roger Williams is a great leader. I think that he’s a guy I look up to at safety. He’s a guy that takes command and is very athletic. Most of the spring he was hurt so you didn’t really get to see too much but right now you can see his great foot speed and his break on the ball and his athleticism. I think he’s impressed me and really stood out.”

    Q: Have you continued to study film even though there hasn’t been regular practice with your coaches?

    A: “(I’m) definitely studying film. I’m still trying to pick up some stuff because we didn’t put everything in yet (in spring) so there’s still some things I need to learn. Coach Andrews wanted me to sit down and watch some film and go over some of the packages to get ready for two-a-days. That’s what I am doing and it’s benefiting me.”

    Q: Do you study just packages or your stuff from the spring?

    A: “Just packages. I looked at the spring game a little bit. I definitely wanted to see the interception. I didn’t see it on TV so I wanted to check that out. You definitely want to know what you are doing and watch some of the clips from last year. I am watching Kyler Hall and seeing how he played the position and how he played some of the defenses. If I can learn from that and I am even watching some of Jerome Carter’s film from a couple of years ago. That can help me a lot and get me ready.”

    Q: What did you think of seeing your interception return from the spring game?

    A: “I thought it was pretty good. I was pretty close to going out of bounds but I was happy that I didn’t. But it was a good play and I just liked the emotion that everybody had once I scored.”

    Q: What are your personal goals for the summer workouts?

    A: “I just want to stay fit and under 220 (pounds). I have never had a problem losing weight … I’m a guy that sweats a lot so that won’t be a problem. I am about 217 right now. I want to get faster and just get myself ready. When Coach Andrews sees me in two-a-days he will see the progress I have made from spring to August.”

    Q: It’s now been six months since you enrolled at FSU. Are you still happy with the decision?

    A: “Absolutely, absolutely. I have been talking to a couple of recruits. Dionte Allen from Michigan, I know he was thinking about coming in early. And some other guys. I’ve just been telling them this is probably one of the best decisions I have made recently. It’s been such a positive for me. I have been able to get ahead in class and get a jumpstart on the season.”

    Q: After your strong spring you have been put on a lot of lists as a young guy to watBch. Do you follow that stuff?

    A “Yeah, I saw that a couple of magazines had me as top ACC newcomer and Sports Illustrated had me as an All-American as a freshman. I don’t think that’s a negative thing. I take it as a plus. I take it as people recognizing my abilities and just seeing the type of things that I can do on the field. That’s something that I want to use motivation to keep trying to be the best possible player that I can be on the field.”

    Q: How often do you get to talk to Coach Andrews and Coach (James) Colzie?

    A: “Pretty much everyday. I know that it is recruiting season and they are on the road a lot but they call me a lot to check in with me and see how I am doing. I go up to their office just to talk to them a little bit. Coach Andrews got inducted into the hall of fame and I talked to him about that. The other day we talked about who Earl Campbell was. I didn’t know who he was and Coach Andrews said he was one of the best running backs.”

    Q: Your brother is down here with you now, how is it having him here?

    A: “It’s great. My brother is like my right-hand man. This will be the first time that we are actually going to school together. It’s nice to have him here. He’s a person that is honest with me. You ask about getting hype and all the pressure, he’s the one that tells me straight up if I am not doing something right or if I need to work on something. It’s good to have him here as an ego

    Thursday, June 08, 2006

    Noles Lose Brewer to Baseball

    The Florida State football program has lost one of its' top signees to professional baseball. Brent Brewer, a highly touted wide receiver from Tyrone, Ga., picked baseball over football Wednesday night when he signed a non-compete contract with the Milwaulkee Brewers.

    The shortstop was selected in the second round of the draft by the Brewers for a bonus believed to be about $500,000. The Brewers will also pay for a college....>>>Read More.

    Monday, June 05, 2006

    Summer Football Workouts Begin Today

    From here on out it will be full speed ahead for the Seminole football team until the conclusion of the 2006 season. The summer workouts officially kickoff today and will continue until the start of preseason practices on August 7th. The players will get a week off between summer sessions later this month, and a few days of rest before practices officially begin, but for all practical purposes football will be the team's primary focus from here on out.

    In addition to lifting weights four times a week, which began in May, starting today several players will take part in daily workouts on the practice fields. According to NCAA rules, a team's strength and conditioning staff is permitted to conduct organized training sessions four times a week for a period of eight weeks prior to the start of official practices. These workouts are not mandatory, but typically a large majority of FSU players participate.

    Last year, an average of 50 players took part in the early June workouts and that number grew to 80 or 90 when the next academic session started later in the month. If all goes well, the attendance this summer should be comparable, if not better.

    "I think we have more people in summer school than I've seen in a while and that's a good sign," according to senior linebacker Buster Davis. "That includes a lot of key people. Probably 95 percent of the people are in summer school so that's a real good number. When you do those off-season drills, the pass (drills) and things like that it's good because football takes time. You only have so much time in two-a-days.

    "I'm very impressed with the way the team has answered the call from the strength and conditioning coaches so far. Hopefully, we can press on and this can be the start of another dynasty. I think the way to get started for the next season is preparation and I think we have prepared very well so far."

    When Davis signed in 2002, the 'Noles played for national championships in three of the previous four seasons. However, since he arrived on campus, FSU hasn't come close to college football's promised land. That's something he hopes to change in his final season as a Seminole.

    "This my last year and you want to go out on top," Davis said. "The next step is the NFL and when you leave you want to make sure you gave everything to your team and your school so you could to help them win a national championship. That's what it really comes down to so that's why it's so important to win it this year."

    With the start of the college football season just three months away, both fans and the media have dramatically different opinions on how good the Seminoles will be. Part of the reason for skeptics is last season's 8-5 record and the loss of four first rounders in the April NFL draft. In addition, there are only seven scholarship seniors on the entire roster. That lack of seniors could be why some experts doubt FSU's ability to excel on the field in 2006.

    Buster Davis is one of those few seniors and the only one to start all 13 games last season. With such a lack of seniors, experienced players like Davis and Lorenzo Booker will have to go the extra mile to lead their teammates through the workouts, practices and upcoming season.

    "As soon as everybody left for the draft, and we knew who was leaving and who was staying, we knew there were only a couple of us (seniors)," Davis said. "We want to do as much as possible since we are the leaders of the team. Everybody is looking for us to take them where we need to take them and that's a national championship

    Thursday, June 01, 2006

    Andrews Has High Expectations

    Florida State defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews apparently raised his expectations for next season after Ernie Sims, Kamerion Wimbley, Brodrick Bunkley and Antonio Cromartie were selected in the first round of the NFL Draft in April.

    ''We'll just put somebody else in there and tell them to play...Read More>>>.