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    Sunday, December 31, 2006

    Could Proposed Saban To Alabama Deal Torpedo FSU?

    It is being reported that the University of Alabama will make Dolphins coach Nick Saban an offer to become the Crimson Tide head coach in the next few days -- extending a financial package so overwhelming that university officials are confident Saban might take it, according to two sources.

    The contract will more than double the guaranteed money that's left on Saban's agreement with the Dolphins (approximately $15 million) and will make him the highest-paid coach in college football,the sources said.

    The deal is being reported as worth from $40-$50 million and would include a $5 million signing bonus.

    So how might this affect FSU's attempt to hire Jimbo Fisher? Well, Fisher was the offensive coordinator under Saban at LSU and had considered joining him when he took the job with the Dolphins. Fisher would be hard pressed if asked not to join Saban at Alabama which has a storied program and reputation. If this happens, then questions will be asked why Bowden did not lock in hiring Fisher instead of waiting as he has done.

    Happy 2007

    Late BC Field Goal Sinks Navy

    Tony Taylor set up two fourth-quarter touchdowns with interceptions and Georgia rallied from an 18-point deficit to upset No. 14 Virginia Tech 31-24 on Saturday night in the Chick-fil-A Bowl.

    Georgia finished an up-and-down season with three straight victories over ranked teams, a first for the program. The Bulldogs (9-4) salvaged an otherwise disappointing regular season with wins over No. 5 Auburn and No. 16 Georgia Tech.


    Boston College found a most improbable way to extend the nation's longest bowl winning streak - with a big assist from a Navy miscue. Walk-on Steve Aponavicius kicked a 37-yard field goal on the final play and the Eagles beat the Midshipmen 25-24 in the Meineke Bowl, a seventh straight bowl win that concluded up a tumultuous month for BC.

    Wake Forest's Jim Grobe who is coaching in the Orange Bowl has been chosen as the 2006 Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year, joining a legendary class of coaches that includes Bobby Bowden, Fisher DeBerry, Vince Dooley, Tom Osborne, Joe Paterno, Eddie Robinson, and Bo Schembechler.

    The Associated Press, The Sporting News and CBS also selected Grobe as their coach of the year in 2006. Grobe, a native of Huntington, W. Va., was the unanimous choice as the ACC's Coach of the Year.

    The Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year Award was established in 1976 to honor the Division I college football coach whose programs represent quality on and off the field. The Bobby Dodd Award honors the coach of a team which enjoys a successful season on the gridiron while stressing the importance of academic excellence and sense of duty to return something back to the community, as Coach Dodd did during his 22 seasons as the head football coach of Georgia Tech.

    Drew Weatherford Near Bottom In ACC In Pass Efficiency

    Pass Efficency (Rating Formula)

    1. Riley Skinner (WF) 140.1

    2. Will Proctor (CU)135.0

    3. Sam Hollenbach (MD)128.1

    4. Sean Glennon (VT)128.1

    5. Matthew Ryan (BC) 125.6

    6. Kyle Wright (UM) 121.4

    7. Drew Weatherford (FSU)118.6

    8. Joe Dailey ( NC)115.7

    9. Reggie Ball (GT)107.2

    Saturday, December 30, 2006

    My Purely Subjective Top 10 FSU Moments in 2006

    10. Bobby Bowden blames e-bay for his son Jeff's departure.

    9. FSU shuts out Virginia 33-0.

    8. Buster Davis in his last home game dons the jersey of former FSU great Ron Simmons.

    7. FSU Loses to NC State 24-20.( NC State loses the rest of its games.)

    6. FSU loses to Florida and ends season at 6-6.

    5. FSU wins Emerald Bowl game and extends 30 year winning streak.

    4. FSU loses to Wake Forest 30-0 in Tallahassee

    3. FSU Boosters pay Jeff Bowden $537,000 in what is being called "Jeffgate." The pay off will be funded by fans who buy Coke at the game- the ultimate insult.

    2. Jeff Bowden resigns as offensive coordinator.

    1. The search for a new offensive coordinator and other coaching changes.

    Davis and Timmons Leave Huge Void For Next Year

    With Buster Davis being a senior and Lawrence Timmons bypassing his senior year for the NFL,FSU loses 176 tackles amd 10 sacks from its linebacker corps. That is significant and means that FSU will have to have other players step up in a big way next year.

    "Getting Goose-egged At Home"

    "Why did Half-Million Dollar Man Jeff Bowden (an "Excommunicated Nepotist") get all teary-eyed at the end of the Emerald Bowl when his players were running over the Bruins? Shouldn't he have shed tears on-camera after getting goose-egged at home by Wake Flippin' Forest/"
    Mark Hinson,Tallahassee Democrat blog

    FSU Retro Look Back: Lawrence Dawsey

    At Florida State, Lawrence Dawsey earned All-America honors in his 1990 senior season when he led the Seminoles with 65 receptions for 999 yards and seven touchdowns. He had also led the team as a junior with 38 catches for 683 yards and four touchdowns and he had 128 career receptions for 2,129 yards, including nine 100-yard games.

    His career highs in receptions (13) and yards (172) came against Florida State’s top rivals Miami and Florida, respectively, each in his senior season. He had a career-long 93-yard touchdown reception in his 1988 sophomore season against Southern Mississippi. He played at FSU from 1987-1990. He was part of the 'Fab Four" at FSU made up of Ronald Lewis, Terry Anthony, and Bruce LaSane. These four receivers terrorized college secondaries for the Noles.

    Chosen by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the third round of the 1991 NFL Draft, Dawsey played for Tampa Bay from 1991-1995, the New York Giants in 1996 and the New Orleans Sainsts in 1999. He compiled a career total of 240 catches for 3271 yards and 6 touchdowns. He also had a rushing touchdown. His best year was his rookie season in 1991,when he had 55 catches for 818 yards and 3 touchdowns and was named Rookie of the Year. He was released by the Saints on February 11, 2000.

    Dawsey who's rumored to be in line to be the receivers coach for FSU was inducted into the FSU Football Hall of Fame in 1997.

    FSU Commits Update

    Current Number of commits by position:

    1 Cornerback
    2 Wide Receivers
    2 Offensive Linemen
    1 Outside Linebacker
    1 Safety
    1 Running Back
    1 Inside Linebacker (Jr.College)
    1 Defensive End (Jr.College)

    There are 10 verbal commits with 4 commits rated 4 Star Commits and 6 commits rated 3 Star Commits.

    Ali and Palmer Honorary Captains at Orange Bowl

    Andre Woodson threw for three touchdowns and 300 yards as Kentucky surprised Clemson 28-20 in the Music City Bowl on Friday, the Wildcats' first postseason victory in 22 years.

    Woodson completed 20 of 30 passes to finish his breakout season with 31 touchdowns - more than five times his total from last year as a sophomore. He joins Tim Couch in 1997-98 as the only Wildcats quarterbacks to top the 30-touchdown mark in a season.


    Already a national stage for some of the best in college football, the 73rd FedEx Orange Bowl will welcome two of the "greatest" athletes in sports history, Muhammad Ali and Arnold Palmer to Dolphin Stadium.

    Muhammad Ali will be the honorary captain for Louisville while Arnold Palmer will represent his alma mater Wake Forest as the honorary captain on the evening of January 2nd.

    Sam Hollenbach passed for 223 yards and two touchdowns and Lance Ball rushed for 98 yards as Maryland beat Purdue 24-7 in the Champs Sports Bowl on Friday night.

    The Terrapins (9-4) were able to keep Purdue's offense, the NCAA's 10th best at 425 yards per game, in check by blanketing its speedy wideouts, batting down several passes -- and keeping the ball away from the Boilermakers.

    Friday, December 29, 2006

    Timmons Going To NFL

    As expected, several sources are reporting that FSU linebacker Lawrence Timmons will forego his senior year and enter the NFL draft.Timmons finished second on the team with 79 tackles and led the team with 18 tackles for loss.

    Jeff Bowden Random Thoughts

    Bowden Going After Trickett

    West Virginia sources are reporting that WVU offensive line and assistant head coach Rick Trickett has been contacted by Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden to come direct the Seminoles' front line, although no decision has been made on the firing of present FSU line boss Mark McHale. Rodriguez, too, has been contacted by Bowden about Trickett's willingness and ability to take over at FSU.

    "They're trying to recruit him to come there. Coach Bowden's contacted me. I think it's going to be a personal decision on what he decides to do," Rodriguez said. "I think we've come with what I think is a pretty good package for him. We want him to stay because he's done an outstanding job for us," said Rodriguez.

    Trickett is in his second tour of duty with West Virginia football. He coached the Mountaineer offensive line from 1976-77 and the WVU defensive line from 1978-79. He returned with Rodriguez in 2001 and has remained in his present job.

    Bobby Bowden Talks to Press

    Going into this off-season, do you feel this is going to be the most important offseason?

    Bowden: I don't feel like it's more important than the others . . . We had a good offseason program last year. It's not any different from the last 30 years the way we'll go about it.

    What about with personnel changes and everything like that. Do you think this offseason is more important than it has been?

    Bowden: Any time you make changes it's important. This is a year we're going to make changes, so it is very important.

    What is the most positive you take from the Emerald Bowl?

    Bowden: The fact you won a ball game and looked like you knew what you were doing, and you look like you had potential for another good year next year. Things like that.

    As far as your players, what's the biggest thing you look at that makes you believe you can do it with these bunch of guys?

    Bowden: “You've got so many of them back. You want them to pick off where they left off. You've got to have a good offseason program. You've got to have a good spring training program. And you've got to avoid injuries. I think the big thing going into next year I hope we don't have the injuries we had this year.

    You come back with a very deep football team. That has to be encouraging.

    Bowden: That is very encouraging and at the same time it could have happened this year but didn't. Now next year, with all this experience coming back, if we do not get decimated with injuries there's no reason we should not really make a good move.

    Do you look at this spring being important to transition into the new coordinator's way of thinking?

    Bowden: The big thing that we can improve on is so simple, offensively -- blocking. If you block, everything goes. If you don't block, nothing goes. And so it's not bringing in a new offense, bringing in new theories, bringing in new this or that. It's going out there and improving your blocking and protecting the football. Whoever coordinates has to have a scheme he follows, but the scheme is not half as important as the execution. It goes back to one of the military terms I read about in my books - it's not the battle plan that is so important, it's the execution of the battle plan that is important

    Then was last night pretty encouraging you ran the ball and you blocked a pair of All-America defensive ends.

    Bowden: You know our kids have done the last two years. We played Penn State who had an all American end and I don't know if he made a single sack in the Orange Bowl, And then we played against an All-America end against Virginia Tech and I don't think he made a sack all night

    And then we played against two of them (in the Emerald Bowl). The kids did a fantastic job.

    Will you want to avoid what happened when you picked Mark McHale to be the next offensive line coach but had an understanding with Marshall he wouldn't join FSU until after recruiting.

    Bowden: I can't do that again.

    Mickey Andrews said the one thing that you emphasized was sticking together. There wasn't a lot of bickering or finger pointing.

    Bowden: I heard fewer complaints this year than I can remember. Usually, when you start losing, the food is no good. The dressing is no good. The coaches are not paying attention. You hear complaints. I heard less this year, I swear, since I've been here. And it should have been more with all these freshmen. And yet I think you have to put it in the hands of the seniors. The seniors evidently played a big role in preventing that in setting the example you hope these young guys we've got now learn from that and will carry it on over to next year and the rest of their career. Let's get the same fiber back when we had Charlie Ward, (Chris), Weinke and Derrick Brooks and (Warrick) Dunn and all those guys.

    You've been saying that you may be just one player away. Is that one player already on the roster?

    Bowden: That you don't know because they are young. There are some that probably on our football team have not showed their stuff. Sometimes it only takes one guy. Do we have that one guy? We got some prospects. It will be interesting.”

    What do you tell Xavier Lee, who did not play in the game?

    Bowden: Just to bide your time and get better.

    Bowden Second In Bowl Victories

    1. Joe Paterno ... 21-10-1

    2. Bobby Bowden ... 20-9-1

    3. Bear Bryant ... 15-12-2

    4. Tom Osborne ... 12-13-0

    4. Lou Holtz ... 12-8-2

    5. Don James ... 10-5-0

    5. John Vaught ... 10-8-0

    Where Will They Be In 2007?

    Xavier Lee- He has made it known that he is unhappy with his lack of playing time. If he leaves, this can be directly linked to Bobby Bowden who has not let Lee compete with Drew Weatherford who has had less than stellar performances in games.

    Lawrence Timmons- This sensational linebacker has said in the past that he would be back for his senior year. Timmons has petitioned the NFL for the scouting reports made available to underclassmen who are eligible for the draft. Linebackers coach Kevin Steele said it only makes sense that Timmons would explore all his options. "He needs to look at everything," Steele said. "You want the players to make the best, and right decision, for themselves. I think he is leaning toward the NFL.

    Brandon Warren- This gifted tight end from Tennessee is contemplating a move back to Tennessee because of his mother's illness. My guess is that he will not be at FSU in 2007.

    Thursday, December 28, 2006

    "We'd Be Fine"

    "Their defense was not as tough as we expected it to be. We had no problem executing on offense. If that's what it's like to play in the ACC, then we'd be fine. "
    UCLA guard Shannon Tevaga after FSU beat UCLA 44-27

    Chris Little Could Be Big Commitment for Noles

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that offensive lineman Chris Little, a USA Today 1st Team All American, is all but headed to Florida State."I’m thinking FSU but I’m having trouble getting in touch with the coaches because they’re all out at the bowl game,” Little told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

    Little was supposedly down to Notre Dame and Florida a few weeks ago and it looked like the Irish were sitting pretty well with Little, but this report certainly makes Notre Dame’s chances look quite dim.

    “I know they need help on the offensive line and it’s close to home,” Little said. The Twiggs County (GA) star says he wants to contact all of the coaches involved, including FSU offensive line coach Mark McHale who is currently in San Francisco with the 'Noles at the Emerald Bowl. I'll either do it tomorrow or Friday," said Little. "It's between FSU, Notre Dame, and Georgia. I'm leaning about 80 percent towards Florida State."

    "I've always been a die hard (FSU) fan since I was small. Being able to play for a school you've been a fan of...and Bobby Bowden is the Head Coach. They need help on the offensive line."

    Greg Carr TD Play of the Game

    On fourth down with 9 yards to go for a first at the 30, within range of a field goal, the Noles went for it all. It worked, touchdown pass to Greg Carr whose defender fell a few yards short of the goal line.That culminated a 90-yard drive. It gave the Noles the confidence they needed to dominate during the final eight minutes. FSU went ahead 30-27 and never looked back.

    "I Can't Lose My Legacy"

    "Losses are not fun and can drive you out of the game. I can lose every game and I can't lose my legacy. It's already out there."Bobby Bowden comments regarding jeopardizing his legacy as one of the game's great coaches

    "I Like Popeyes Chicken"

    "I like Popeyes Chicken, shrimp or steak. Nothing against the Emerald Bowl, but I'm not excited about eating nuts."
    Florida State's Buster Davis' comments who took the microphone and told the bowl boosters and sponsors at Tuesday's Emerald Bowl luncheon- each table had featured a huge basket of different nut products

    Booker Has All Everything Night

    Lorenzo Booker's last game in Florida State garnet and gold was his best. He had 117 yards receiving, 91 rushing and his second touchdown, a 3-yard plunge with 6:17 left, sealed the Seminoles' 44-27 win over UCLA on Wednesday night.


    Florida State RB Lorenzo Booker and LB Buster Davis have accepted invitations to play in the Jan. 27 Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala.

    Former Seminoles and current Oakland Raiders Zack Crockett, Derrick Gibson and Sebastian Janikowski were in attendance at the Emerald Bowl.

    Fourth-year junior C John Frady, who had been ill in the days leading up to the game, finally made his bowl debut. Injuries and illness have kept the former Bolles School star out of two Orange Bowls and one Gator Bowl.

    FSU Defense Shuts Down Bruins In Second Half

    * Drew Weatherford who was able to make critical throws in the fourth quarter threw for 325 yards and 1 TD.

    * Lorenzo Booker who was the MVP of the Emerald Bowl had 208 total all purpose yards in the game.

    * Greg Carr who had a critical fourth down TD catch in fourth quarter that put FSU ahead in the game.

    * Mickey Andrews and the defense who in the second half made the necessary adjustments and shut down the Bruin offense.

    Booker Gets To Take Sod Back To Tallahassee

    The Seminoles get to take a piece of grass from AT&T Park - the home of baseball's San Francisco Giants and the site for the Emerald Bowl home to Tallahassee to plant in the sod cemetery, the spot near Florida State's practice field where the program's biggest wins are immortalized. And that privilege is the duty of 'Sod Captain" Lorenzo Booker who was the Offensive Player of the Emerald Bowl Game.

    My View: Miracles Do Happen

    Get out the champagne and the confetti. Miracles do happen. The Noles beat a good UCLA team and won the Emerald Bowl.For one night, it seems that things are as they should be. The Noles showed that they can play as they stymied UCLA in the second half.

    The problems don't go away but at least this win is salve for the wounds of the season. The game had everything that FSU has been known for in the past. The Noles repertoire included a blocked punt for a TD, an interception for a TD, great catches by Greg Carr, and a superb effort by Lorenzo Booker.

    It was magic in the city by the bay as the team from Tallahassee battled the Bruins and won. Bobby Bowden keeps his thirty year win streak intact as he looks forward to change that he may not have wanted but will accept. We may have seen glimpses of the future tonight and if so, the Noles may be headed back up.

    Noles Beat UCLA 44-27 In Fifth Annual Emerald Bowl

    FSU mounted a furious second half effort to beat the UCLA Bruins 44-27 in the fifth annual Emerald Bowl. It also preserved Bobby Bowden's thirty year winning streak.

    Lorenzo Booke, the only Nole from California,ran for 91 yards, caught five passes for 117 more and scored two touchdowns.In a 21-point fourth quarter, Greg Carr caught a go-ahead, 30-yard touchdown pass on fourth-and-9 early, and Booker capped his final collegiate game with a key third-down catch and a 3-yard TD run with 6:17 left. Drew Weatherford overcame a shaky start to pass for 325 yards, including 126 in the fourth.

    Tony Carter's 86-yard interception return for another score 37 seconds later capped an impressive finish for Florida State (7-6), which clinched Bobby Bowden's 20th bowl victory at the close of what he called his most trying season.

    Wednesday, December 27, 2006

    It's A Nutty Half As FSU Trails UCLA 13-20

    As expected, Drew Weatherford is not throwing well and has thrown an interception as FSU trails UCLA. Missed opportunities and terrible field position due to penalties has put the Noles behind.

    The one bright spot in the first half has been Lorenzo Booker who is having an outstanding game both running and catching the ball.

    UCLA's offensive line is opening up huge holes for their running back Markey. UCLA QB Pat Cowan is playing a smart game in contrast to that of Weatherford.

    Emerald Bowl Game Day Facts

    Kickoff: 8 p.m. EST

    Site: AT&T Park, San Francisco, California

    Stadium Capacity: 38,437

    Surface: Grass

    Coaches: Bobby Bowden (292-81-5 in 31st year at FSU) and Karl Dorrell (29-20 in fourth year at UCLA).

    Projected Payout Per Team: $850,000

    Television: ESPN

    ESPN Announcers: Dan Fouts, Tim Brant and Jack Arute

    Line: UCLA by 3 1/2

    All-Time Series: First meeting between the two schools

    Bowl Records: Florida State (20-13-2)
    UCLA (13-13-1)

    Stat that matters: The Seminoles' 14 losses the last three years are one more than FSU had in the entire decade of the 1990s.

    Last games: Florida State lost 21-14 at home to Florida on Nov. 25. UCLA beat USC 13-9 on Dec. 2.

    Game Day Weather: Winds diminishing to 15 to 25 mph in the afternoon. Afternoon temperature 55. Later tonight mostly clear. Lows in the upper 30s to upper 40s. Northwest winds 15 to 25 mph...Becoming north 10 to 20 mph.

    My Prediction: FSU-UCLA

    Let's hope that Santa has a gift left over for the Noles. They are going to need it. The Noles will be without their back up running back Antone Smith, will be starting the less than mobile Drew Weatherford, and will be facing a blitz happy pair of defensive ends for the Bruins.

    So how can the Noles win the game against UCLA? First, they will have to have a flawless game. That means an excellent offensive game plan, no dropped passes, and an error free game by Drew Weatherford. It's possible but not probable.

    The UCLA Bruins will have the home field advantage and the big "MO". They have won their last three straight games and are wanting to continue that streak with the Emerald Bowl. They have a quarterback who can scramble and two defensive ends who love to blitz. Their defense is not shabby either.

    It seems that the one thing that the Noles have going for them is not to be the first team in thirty years to have a losing record.

    My Prediction: FSU 14 UCLA 13

    Old School Versus New School

    Tonight's Emerald Bowl is Old School versus New School. It is the pin ball era coach versus the X Box generation coach. It is the seasoned coach who is making changes kicking and screaming versus the young coach who has made lots of changes. It is a respected football program which may lose its thirty year winning streak versus a program that is on the rise. Tonight will say a lot about change and pride. It should be an interesting game in the city by the bay.

    My Buys and Sells for the Emerald Bowl Game

    UCLA Bruins mascot- Another clothed mascot. And what the heck is a Bruin? Well, it is a brown bear and the Bruins have Joe and Josephine Bruin. I am selling.

    San Francisco as site for Emerald Bowl- Ok, we know the Emerald Bowl is not a major bowl but the site is one of the best in the country. I am buying.

    UCLA has home field advantage- Duh! Yes, the majority of the people at the game will be rooting for UCLA. I am buying.

    Jeff Bowden will have a good offensive game plan- I also believe in the tooth fairy and leprechauns. I don't think this guy would know a good offensive game plan if it hit him in the face. I am selling.

    Mickey Andrews will have a good defensive scheme- Mickey is one of the best and I believe he will have something special for the Bruins. I am buying.

    Jeff Bowden's last game at FSU- Who would have thought that this would finally happen? It was many years too late but glad that it is over. I am buying.

    UCLA field goal kicker Medlock is for real- This guy misses very few FGs. That is why he is an All American. I am buying.

    FSU field goal kicker Cismesia- For once you would like to see him back up his mouth with actions. Let's hope the game does not come down to a field goal for the Noles. I am selling.

    Greg Carr will have at least one touchdown- If we hope to win the game, he must use his height to his advanatge and make the catches that the Noles need in the game. I am buying.

    Drew Weatherford will not be sacked- Only if he gets a new set of legs and learns how to throw the ball away. I am selling.

    Weatherford will not be intercepted- Not going to happen. He throws into double coverage too often and does not seem to learn from his mistakes. I am selling.

    FSU will be able to sack UCLA QB- I think the defense will be able to pressure the UCLA quarterback and get some sacks. I am buying.

    Chris Davis will be Offensive MVP for the Noles- Hard to say who who will be the MVP but I think he has a good shot at it. I am buying.

    Buster Davis will be Defensive MVP for the Noles- There are a number of players that may fit this bill. Timmons, Davis, or even Rolle but I am going with the senior to make this his game. I am buying.

    New Poll

    There is a new poll question: What do you think was the biggest story of the 2006 FSU football season?

    Poll Results

    Poll results for the poll question: Which team will win the Emerald Bowl? had 76.9% voting that FSU would win the Emerald Bowl.

    My Keys to Emerald Bowl Game

    * Offensive line must contain UCLA's defensive ends in order to give Weatherford time in the pocket.

    * Get Lorenzo Booker and running game involved early in the game to take pressure off Weatherford.

    * Receivers must run crisp routes and hold onto the ball.

    * Defense must get to UCLA quarterback and make him rush throws.

    * FSU must play field position football and minimize penalties.

    * Converting third downs is a must.

    "I Love Florida State"

    "I wanted to come to Florida State. I love Florida State. I got to play with a bunch of great athletes that made me better. I made lifelong friends. Even football-wise, I got more than enough jewelry. I got three BCS rings, three conference championship rings. When you compare yourself to 95 percent of college players, I accomplished a lot more than they have."
    Lorenzo Booker when asked if he had any regrets in coming to FSU

    Nole Bowls: 1996 Orange Bowl

    1996 Orange Bowl: FSU 31 Notre Dame 26

    Danny Kanell threw two fourth quarter touchdown passes to lead Florida State to a 31-26 come from behind win over Notre Darne in the final Orange Bowl game played in the historic stadium.

    Kanell hit E.G. Green with an 11 yard scoring strike, then flipped a 3 yard touchdown pass to Andre Cooper with 6:09 left in the game to give the Seminoles an NCAA record 11th straight bowl win and a top four finish in the AP poll for a record ninth straight season.

    Florida State's offense tested the Fighting Irish through the air and on the ground. Kanell completed 20 of 32 passes for 290 yards and four touchdowns, while Warrick Dunn rushed for 151 yards on 22 carries. However, it would take a dramatic fourth quarter comeback to give the Seminoles the win.

    Notre Dame opened the scoring in the first quarter with a perfect 39 yard scoring strike from Tom Krug to Derrick Mayes. FSU tied the score when Cooper collected a 15 yard scoring pass from Kanell with 6:08 left in the quarter.

    Trailing 10-7 after a Notre Dame field goal, Kanell found Cooper in the endzone from 10 yards out to give the Seminoles a 14-10 lead at halftime.

    Mayes regained the lead for the Irish in the third quarter on an acrobatic tip and catch in the endzone over FSU defender Samari Rolle with 8:04 left.

    Notre Dame grabbed the momentum over the third quarter and threatened to run away with the game when Kanell stepped on the back line of the endzone while trying to throw for a safety. Notre Dame scored again just two minutes later on a five yard pass to give the Irish a 10 point lead with just under 11 minutes left in the third quarter. FSU did not score in the third quarter and would not score again until under 10 minutes left in the game, but the Seminoles came on strong with 17 points over the final few minutes of the game.

    Kanell used just five plays to cover 73 yards and his touchdown pass to Green with 9:47 left revived the FSU offense. The Tribe defense held Notre Dame without a first down on its next possession and a 30 yard punt return by Dee Feaster set the Seminoles up at the Notre Dame 30. Six plays later Kanell hit Cooper with a TD and then found him for a two point conversion to give the Seminoles the lead.

    FSU's defense forced the Irish into a fumble and a safety on their last two possessions to preserve the win and push Florida State's all time record against Notre Darne to 3-1.

    FSU's Cooper was named MVP after setting an Orange Bowl record with three touchdown catches. Wayne Messam led all FSU receivers with 103 yards on six catches, while Green had 99 yards on five receptions.

    ACC Bowl Schedule for the Week

    Wednesday, Dec 27

    Emerald Bowl
    UCLA vs. Florida State
    8:00 PM
    San Francisco, CA
    TV: ESPN

    Friday, Dec 29

    Gaylord Hotels Music City
    Kentucky vs. Clemson
    1:00 PM
    Nashville, Tenn.
    TV: ESPN

    Champs Sports Bowl
    Purdue vs. Maryland
    8:00 PM
    Orlando, Fla.
    TV: ESPN

    Saturday, Dec 30

    Meineke Car Care Bowl
    Navy vs. Boston College
    1:00 PM
    Charlotte, NC
    TV: ESPN

    Chick-fil-A Bowl
    Georgia vs. Virginia Tech
    8:00 PM
    Atlanta, Ga.
    TV: ESPN

    Sunday, Dec 31

    MPC Computers Bowl
    Nevada vs. Miami
    7:30 PM
    Boise, Id.
    TV: ESPN

    Tuesday, December 26, 2006

    Emerald Bowl Weather Will Not be Delightful

    Showers likely and slight chance of thunderstorms for Wednesday morning...Then slight chance of showers in the afternoon. Highs in the mid 50s. Breezy with northwest winds 20 to 30 mph.

    FSU Walk-Through At Hotel

    FSU will not do a walk-through at the AT&T Stadium, where the Emerald Bowl is played. Instead, they will do the walk-through at their hotel.

    Players to Watch In The Emerald Bowl


    Lorenzo Booker- Booker for the first time will be playing in front of family and friends. He would love to have a great game in his final game for the Noles.

    Drew Weatherford- Important that he plays within himself and plays smart.

    Buster Davis and Lawrence Timmons- These two excellent linebackers may have something new for the Bruins.


    Patrick Cowan- The UCLA quarterback can scramble. Will be interesting to see if FSU can contain him and force him to make mistakes.

    Defensive ends Bruce Davis and Justin Hickman- These guys have a combined 25 sacks on the season.

    Justin Medlock- This All American field goal kicker for the Bruins does not miss many. He could be the MVP of the Emerald Bowl.

    Xavier Lee Hints At Possibility of Transfer

    Xavier Lee is hinting that a transfer may be in the offing for 2007. The all everything in Florida high school football has not had the opportunity to show his talents at FSU. This remains a mystery to almost every observer of Seminoles football. “Things haven't been what have been promised to me, and what I've worked for, these last couple of years,” Lee said before Monday's practice. “But hopefully a coaching change can change that.”

    Lee says that he will return for the 2007 spring semester at FSU and take it from there. Hopefully new coaching changes will be able to analyze talent more objectively than has Bobby Bowden.

    FSU Players Visit Youth At Hospital

    FSU football players Drew Weatherford, Myron Rolle, Graham Gano, Letroy Guion, Emmanuel Dunbar and David Overmyer visited with youth at a local hospital.


    Offensive lineman Cory Niblock will join the group of seniors to participate in an all-star. Niblock received an invitation to play in the North-South All-Star game in Atlanta. He'll spend his time preparing for the NFL Draft working out in Atlanta.

    FSU players didn't make a change in captains for the Emerald Bowl. They stuck with the trio of linebacker Buster Davis (defense), tailback Lorenzo Booker (offense) and Mikhal Kornegay (special teams).

    Tuesday Emerald Bowl Schedule

    Rally at Union Square presented by Macy's

    Players, coaches, cheerleaders, team bands and fans come to the heart of San Francisco, in Union Square to show their spirit at the Rally. (Event is free and open to the public beginning at 11am)

    Kick-off Luncheon at the Westin St Francis

    1,000 people gather for a civic luncheon like no other, featuring a program that includes ESPN commentators, city officials, coaches, players and special guests.

    Kids visit to the Exploratorium

    Administration children get to experience this hands-on museum with hundreds of fascinating exhibits.

    FSU Player Focus: Lorenzo Booker

    If you want an articulate, gifted, and team oriented player, then Lorenzo Booker fits all those criteria. Number 28 from California is set to play his last game for the Noles in his native state when FSU takes on UCLA in the Emerald Bowl.

    Booker graduated from Los Angeles area St. Bonaventure High School in 2002 and was regarded as the nation's top prospect at tailback. He earned Player of the Year honors for the state of California as a junior and selected Florida State over Notre Dame, USC and Washington.

    Booker comes into the Emerald Bowl with 15 career touchdowns (13 rushing, 2 receiving) He is the 11th player in school history to rush for 2,000 yards and currently ranks sixth in school history in rushing yards He needs 122 yards to reach 1,000 for his career to become the second player in FSU history (Warrick Dunn) with 2,000 rushing yards and 1,000 receiving yards He is also the only player on the team from California.

    Monday, December 25, 2006

    UCLA RB Markey Close to Record

    UCLA junior running back Chris Markey is one game away from joining the short list of players who have led the Bruins in rushing and receiving in the same season. Markey leads UCLA with 963 yards rushing and has a team-high 33 receptions.


    UCLA players with families in the Bay Area will get a chance to go home for Christmas. Coach Karl Dorrell is allowing those players to spend time with their families, but they must be back at the team hotel at a pre-determined time. Meanwhile, for the players without families in the Bay Area, UCLA is putting on a big Christmas dinner.

    Bruins All-America defensive end Justin Hickman said he would likely accept an invitation to the Jan. 20 East-West Shrine game in Houston, although he was hoping for a last-minute invitation to the Senior Bowl (Jan. 27) in Mobile, Ala.

    Bruins receiver Junior Taylor said he was invited to the Las Vegas All-American Classic (Jan. 15), but would decline the offer so he can rest his body and get ready for possible NFL workouts. UCLA all-American kicker Justin Medlock said he has not been invited to any senior all-star games.