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    Monday, July 14, 2008

    Breaking Down The Numbers: Penalty Yards

    National rankings based on 119 teams and the ACC rankings on 12 teams:

    Stat: Penalties - FSU was last in the ACC in 2007 with the most penalty yards. The Noles accumulated 870 penalty yards and averaged 66.9 yards per game.

    ACC Ranking: 2007- #12 2006- #10

    National Ranking: 2007- #109 2006- #83

    Penalties do matter although Bobby Bowden in the past has seemingly not been that concerned in regard to them. The Noles last year accumulated a ton of penalties that stymied drives on a consistient basis.Coaching changes were part of the problem but the Noles even in 2004 ranked dead last in the ACC in total penalty yards. Coaching and lack of discipline causes penalties and the Noles have been a constant in this one area.

    In both the ACC and nationally, the Noles did not improve in this critical area from 2006 to 2007 as they dropped to dead last in the ACC and dropped 26 spots nationally to almost the bottom. Not good. With a relatively young and inexperienced offensive line, the Noles may be facing another year of lost momentum and drives stalled because of penalties.

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