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    Thursday, July 26, 2007

    My View: Beware The Knock On The Door

    Be very careful FSU. That knock on the door may be the NCAA Political Correctness Police coming for you. The latest victim is Arkansas State. The chancellor at Arkansas State said Wednesday the school would retire its Indian mascot. Arkansas State had been targeted by an NCAA ban on mascots that are ethnically or racially hostile or abusive. Their nickname? The Arkansas State Indians.

    As should be clear, the NCAA hierarchy is made up of petty small minded people who revel in meddling in the affairs of their member universities. Last year the NCAA took action against schools they deemed to have racist mascots and/or nicknames. FSU was able to dodge the NCAA bullet due in large part to the efforts of T. K. Wetherell to engage the Seminole tribe of Florida to endorse FSU's name. By the way, this may be one of the reasons that Hart is on his way out as athletic director. Hart was content in trying to work with the NCAA to see that FSU would be able to retain its mascot and nickname. This clearly showed Hart's naivete.Anyone knows that you don't try and "make nice" with a snake. The only thing that is going to happen is that you will be bitten. I think it is safe to assume that Hart is a devote of political correctness himself.

    I am still waiting on these small minded imbeciles to deem "the Fighting Irish" of Notre Dame as ethnically offensive to the Irish. Notre Dame's name, if not their actual mascot, implies that Irish people are hostile. For many people, it brings to mind turn of the century stereotypes of Irish people as heavy drinkers, getting drunk and fighting in bars.

    It is my view that you can never rest easy with the NCAA. Once a snake always a snake.

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