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    Sunday, January 14, 2007

    My View: College Recruiting An Ugly Business

    There is a well know phrase that has been used for politics. I think that it can also be used for college football recruiting. It is this. Admirers of college football recruiting and sausage should never watch either being done or made.College football recruiting like sausage making is an ugly business. And make no mistake about it. It is a business.

    You are dealing with seventeen and eighteen year old athletes that sometimes change their minds as often as they change their shoes. One week they have made a commitment to the school they just visited and the next week they change their mind after visiting another school. Verbal commitments are just that. Transitory maybes until National Signing Day has arrived.

    College football recruiting coordinators should be kept away from any sharp objects during the recruiting season. If this was feudal Japan, Hari Kari would probably be utilized by many recruiting coordinators. If they have any hair left at the end of the recruiting period, they are lucky.

    FSU has a difficult year in that it has all the coaching changes plus there are a limited number of scholarships. There is little room for error this year. In addition, a running backs coach and linebackers coach is yet to be named. It will be interesting to see how FSU finishes up. I have a feeling that Bobby Bowden aka "The Closer" will be needed more than ever this year.

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