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    Sunday, October 15, 2006

    My View: Recruiting 2007

    Although FSU is only halfway into their football schedule, recruiting for next year is very important. Signing Day next February could have a major impact on the team. I wonder how effective our recruiting is going to be with all the negative publicity surrounding FSU football. I have yet to find any paper or publication that has anything good to say about the current program. Mediocre, has been, and once proud team are descriptions of FSU football. Those are the kind ones.

    Recruits read and hear the same things we read and hear about the program. I can't help but believe that this is going to have a negative impact on our ability to attract the top athletes to FSU. That is why FSU needs to take decisive actions to restore the program. Recruits need to see that FSU wants to maintain a quality program. You can bet Florida, Miami and others will be telling recruits thst FSU is headed downward.

    I believe that Bobby Bowden can no longer be the one to take this program further. New innovative leadership is needed as we have seen in other programs. One only needs to look to Florida, Louisville, and USC to see what coaching changes did for their respective programs. FSU fans have been more than patient. It is now time to become impatient and demand change.

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