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    Saturday, November 10, 2007

    And Turn Yourself Around

    In the third and fourth lines of "The Hokey Pokey", the lines read "You do the hokey pokey And turn yourself around." Although this is the song that the Virginia Tech crowd sings along with the Hokie mascot at Virginia Tech home games, it could also be the anthem for the Noles in 2007. If the Noles can go to Blacksburg and defeat the Hokies, they could at least turn the season around and may be heading in the right direction for 2008.

    In the last two games and in particular against Boston College, the Seminoles have shown glimpses of a team headed in the right direction. The offensive line seems to be coming together as a unit as well as the running game. Drew Weatherford has shown a consistency that he had not shown at FSU for the previous two years. And the defense continues to improve and be a solid unit under Mickey Andrews.

    Probably the best part is that Bobby Bowden has given the duties for the offense to Jimbo Fisher. It should be clear to most fans that Bobby Bowden is now only a CEO. For that most fans are grateful. There have been bumps as predicted and some of those bumps were self-inflicted. In my opinion, the treatment of Xavier Lee has been one of the low points in recent years. However, as fans we move on and look toward to the future.

    All indications are that FSU will have a good recruiting class for 2008. That bodes well for the future. The Noles are in need of confidence and the inner assurance that they can win again on a consistent basis. That is why if they can win on Saturday it will signal that this team has the confidence and ability to win the big ones. They may not have come full circle but they will at least have been able to turn themselves around.

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