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    Thursday, November 01, 2007

    Three And Out: FSU-Boston College

    We are pleased to have another "Three And Out" this week from Steve Conroy of The Boston Herald. He is a native of Boston and a graduate of Emerson College. Steve has been with the Boston Herald since 1989. He's covered the New England Patriots, Boston Bruins and has covered Boston College football since the Eagles went to the ACC two years ago. Thanks again to Steve for his answers.

    It looks as if the only way BC can lose is to beat themselves. With that said, what do you think may concern BC in regard to the upcoming game with the Noles?

    I think the biggest concerns for BC are the wide receivers and the line. Teams have taken away the BC wideouts, but Matt Ryan has made them pay going to Callender, the tights ends and slot receiver. Against Virginia Tech, however, nothing worked until the Hokies started playing off them in the final two drives of the game. The line, meanwhile, had their problems with the Hokie front four. Ryan is terrific against blitzes, but if the line can't keep the Florida State D-linemen out of the backfield it could be trouble.

    2. Running back Andre Callender has some impressive numbers. Is he being so successful this year because of a new offensive scheme?

    The new system is part of it, but he's also getting the chance to be the featured back because of early season injuries to L.V. Whitworth. The two had split time for three years. As far as the new system goes, it's given Callender an opportunity to show off his all-purpose capabilities. He's catching some screens and swing passes and would have to be the offensive MVP runner-up to Ryan.

    3. How do you think the the BC offense matches up with the Nole defense?

    It's going to be challenge. The receivers will have to shake the man coverage better than they have in recent games. That said, I think that Ryan will get back to finding the open man, whether it's Callender or Rich Gunnell or Ryan Purvis. I think they have enough to beat the 'Noles, though they'll know they've been in a football game.

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