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    Friday, March 02, 2007

    My View: What About Mickey?

    The disclosure by FSU recently regarding the contracts of Jimbo Fisher and Rick Trickett is not a huge surprise. The FSU Boosters augmented the compensation for these two coaches in order to attract them to FSU.The big surprise is that Mickey Andrews is not being compensated in a manner that is deserving of his years of service and the excellent defenses that he has coached at FSU.

    In all his years at FSU, Andrews to my knowledge has not complained publicly about his compensation and apparently is not upset with the current salaries being paid other coaches. It is highly insulting that the boosters saw fit to buy off Jeff Bowden for over $500,000 and yet did not see fit to augment Andrew's compensation. Yet it is clear. Bobby Bowden made sure that his son was compensated. Who was going to refuse Bowden?

    Although I believe the boosters were correct in this latest action, the actions by them regarding Jeff Bowden still leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. And I also wonder- what about Mickey?

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