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    Sunday, October 29, 2006

    My View: Trick or Treat

    Last night's 24-27 loss to Maryland is becoming a recurring theme that is at least appropriate for this time of year. Halloween is for nightmares and being shocked and FSU fans are getting all too accustomed to being shocked. Four losses with more to come.

    A once proud program is being run into the ground because one man refuses to see that changes are necessary. How many more losses is it going to take for the leaders in charge to know that it is not about the players. The players are playing their hearts out but this nightmare is not about the heart.

    It is about a program that has lost its soul and its will to win. The program needs a rejuvenation and redirection with new leadership. What do we as fans want? Trick or treat?


    hugheser said...

    2000 - 11 wins, ACC champs, BCS bowl
    2001 - 8 wins, Gator bowl
    2002 - 9 wins, ACC champs, BCS bowl
    2003 - 10 wins, ACC champs, BCS bowl
    2004 - 9 wins, Gator bowl
    2005 - 8 wins, ACC champs, BCS bowl

    There is only one championship contender since 2000, but we have also been ACC champs 4 times and played in 4 BCS bowls. Coaching is not the problem we have. The problem started when we lost 56 seniors from the 2000 team. Our team has never recovered from that loss of senior leadership. We have lost an unusual number of highly regarded commitments the last few years, gone through an unusual number of injuries, parity has grown in the conference due to better recruiting from the other teams and of course the NFL has taken a number of players before they were done with school. I would expect a better analysis from anyone who graduated from FSU before the Bowden era and during the Bowden era. Bobby has done more for the University and its football program than can be stated. Quick coaching fixes are not the answer and anyone who suggests so is ignorant to the entire situation. This team will get better and this year will be one to forget. All teams go through this kind of season and if anyone thinks otherwise then you are all very ignorant to sports. Instead of bashing the coaching, which brings the moral of the team down, we should be supporting them like true fans of the Seminoles. True fans stick with their team through the good times and the bad. They encourge them when they are down, not rip them in the media and other outlets. Any fan who has publicly critizied the football team has sunken to a new low and made FSU look bad at the same time. I don't know how anyone can feel proud about that at all. It is time to help this team heal and put them on the right track. Semper Fidelis to the NOLES.

    tallynolefan said...

    Nice try. True fans are ones that want their team to be the best that it can be. For the past five years, our teams have underacheieved. We have heard excuses after excuses from Bobby Bowden and they are all hollow. I am not willing to see a program be run into the ground because some fans think we "owe" it to Bobby Bowden. There comes a time in everyone's life when he or she should know that it is time to go. As I have said before, Bobby Bowden's arrogance and false pride are leading this team downward. Enough is enough.

    hugheser said...

    First of all, all fans want their teams to be the best. Second of all, this coaching staff is not running the program into the ground. There is not one person that I know in the world today that likes mediocrity and to suggest that this coaching staff likes where the team is right now is ridiculous.

    I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and we need to get there fast. This funk we are in is a serious problem. I am not saying that it is not. If we don't start winning soon, it will affect recruiting. FSU fans just need to realize that Bobby is not trying to hurt the program and will get us back on track. If anyone disagrees then we can agree that we disagree.