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    Wednesday, July 23, 2008

    Breaking Down The Numbers:Red Zone Conversions

    National rankings based on 119 teams and the ACC rankings on 12 teams:

    Red Zone- The area of the field between the opponent's 20-yard line and the goal line. When the offense has advanced into this territory, it is expected that it will score some type of points, i.e. a touchdown or a field goal.

    Stat: Red Zone Conversions - FSU in 2007 had 48 attempts within the red zone. Of those, the Noles scored 21 TDs for a 43.75% conversion rate. In addition, they scored 18 field goals for a 37.50% conversion rate. If you compare these stats with those of Virginia Tech and Clemson who had 60.87% and 61.11% TD conversion rates, you can see why the Noles struggled.

    ACC Ranking: 2007- #7 2006- #10

    National Ranking: 2007- #64 2006- #65

    In years past, when the Noles got within the twenty yard line of an opponent, they scored and more than likely it was a TD. Not anymore. One of the problems for the Noles on offense for the past several years has been the inability to score TDs within the red zone. Not to mention field goals. The lack of a consistient running and passing game combined with few playmakers have all contributed to the Noles problems in the red zone. Don't look for this stat to improve in 2008 due to an inexperienced offensive line and the lack of big playmakers.


    Scalper said...

    This is pitiful, but what is more disgusting is the complete ignorance of our coaching staff of all the research that has been done regarding going for 4th down. With progressive coaches including Meyer, Carrol, Petrino, and Leach all utilizing ALL FOUR downs on a consistent basis, you'd think we might catch on. Maybe when Bobby is no longer around...

    Calico Jack said...

    The red zone has definitely been our dead zone. Play calling was abysmal under Jeff Bowden whenever we got inside the 20. And now with a line made of mostly freshman and sophomores it will probably be worse. I'm trying not to be, but I'm already getting depressed about the upcoming season.