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    Tuesday, October 24, 2006

    My View: Accountability Starts At Top

    Someone had better put the pictures of President T.K. Wetherell and athletic director Dave Hart on milk cartons.These leaders are missing in action. The accountability for the mess with the FSU program lies with three major players-Wetherell, Hart, and Bowden. Bobby Bowden is the only one that is seen and heard often. His statements become more bizarre as he tells us that our program is headed in the right direction and he feels really good about it.

    It is a mystery to me why this leadership refuses to understand how this program is being run into the ground. It's as if there is a death wish by those in power to see a once proud program slowly disappear. It s apparent that Wetherell and Hart refuse to do anything in regard to the mess. They had a great opportunity at the end of last season to take necessary steps to correct the decline. What did they do? Absolutely nothing!

    These so called leaders need to be held accountable for their inactions. The impact to FSU and the football program will be tremendous. It is unfortunate that we have no leadership with the guts to do the right thing.


    Family of Alums said...

    Have you seen this article with TK's comments about 1/2 way down?

    It sounds to me like he is going to get involved after this season.

    Here is a quote from the article:

    Wetherell told the Post that no moves will be made during the season, adding that FSU evaluates its coaches after their seasons end.

    "Right now all loyal Seminoles fans ought to be out there supporting the team and we'll deal with it at the appropriate time," Wetherell told the Post. "We don't fire deans in the middle of the semester and we don't give out grades to the students in the middle of the semester."

    It sounds to me saying much more would be gator-like and not fair to those directly affected. I trust the appropriate actions will be taken.

    Have you sent e-mails or called TK and Dave Hart expressing your opinions? If so, how did they respond? If you want it to be a dramatic event embarassingly done during the season and not handled with repect on both sides, you are mistaking them for gators.

    I expect that TK will take the appropriate measures such as demoting/firing Jeff along with many of the coaches on offense including Dickey.

    He will ask Bobby to stay, but he has been fairly outspoken that "if he goes I go". Then it becomes him retiring and not being fired.

    tallynolefan said...

    I saw that article but I am not as confident as you that changes will be made. There needs to be wholesale changes and I think that includes Bobby Bowden.

    I think the only way that things will change is if the money stops. By that I mean booster donations and contributions, tickets sales, etc. Money does talk.

    I have sent emails and Wetherell has responded in the past but not recently. Hart has never responded.

    Family of Alums said...

    I agree about the money. The many members of my extended family that donate (realtively small potatos, but we do give) ensure that it not go to FSU football. We would rather support the other major sports and Coach Sue for the lady Noles Basketball team than have 1 penny ending up in Jeff's pocket.

    I just can't pass on going to games that I can as I love the guys that go through the pain of practice to get to the highest level they can (given current coaching). They deserve to come out to a roaring crowd, the heck with the coaches.

    I think it's funny that Dave Hart did not respond to you. I have had no respect for him for years as he is spineless and unprofessional.

    I really believed that TK is tough as nails and polished. Maybe you have good reason to think otherwise or the 6 years is taking its toll on you as it is on me!

    I understand you were a little athletic as a Nole. I think it's great you still care so much. Other than what has been mentioned, is there anything else I could be doing? Also, what is your take on TK?