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    Friday, December 30, 2005

    Quotable Quotes

    Does that mean if Bobby Bowden wanted to hire son Terry, now a ABC Sports analyst, he could not?

    ''That's correct,'' Wetherell said.

    And if Wetherell had been FSU's president in the winter of 2001, would he have allowed Bowden to promote Jeff?

    ''I wasn't the president at the time,'' Wetherell said. ''I ain't going there. I can't deal with ifs.'' Tallahassee Democrat, Dec. 29,2005

    Call me old-school, but I actually like the old disciplinarians like Paterno and UCF's George O'Leary, who once told me that every program has its share of "yo-yos" who needed to be watched, and that it was up to him to pull their strings to get them to behave.

    It's this simple for me: You recruited them, you keep an eye on them -- in the classroom, on the football field and off it. The NCAA is in the process of tying poor graduation rates to possible loss of scholarships. It wouldn't bother me if they did the same with renegade programs.

    Now that would really send a message., Dec.30,2005

    But more than anything, say Moore and Rupp, FSU fans are "very spoiled." "They're used to being in the top five," said Rupp of the team, which is ranked No. 22. "And when you're not, it takes a little adjusting." Tallahassee Democrat, Dec. 30,2005

    Xavier Lee has insisted he's never been afraid of competition. And now the redshirt freshman quarterback is prepared to back that up.

    Lee said prior to Florida State's practice on Wednesday that he will remain at FSU - ready to challenge for the starting position.

    Speculation that he would transfer after the season has dogged Lee as he spent much of the year on the sideline watching Drew Weatherford lead the ACC in total offensive yards and take FSU to the Orange Bowl. Tallahassee Democrat, Dec. 29,2005

    Random Thoughts

    Latest FSU problem involving A.J. Nicholson is very upsetting...more supervision is probably needed of players...there have been some interesting bowl games so far..."minor" teams such as Utah and Boise State have been impressive...anyone besides me that can't stomach Bob Stoops?...Georgia Tech forgot to show up for their game against Utah...anyone else sick of the USC-Texas hype?...I thought Keith Jacksom had retired....whoa Nellie....couldn't live without ESPN...Sean Salisbury is a little hyper to say the least...would love to see Booker have a great game against Penn State.

    Thursday, December 29, 2005

    A.J. Nicholson Suspended from Team

    Florida State suspended linebacker A.J. Nicholson Thursday after an alleged sexual assault of a 19-year-old woman at the team hotel in Hollywood. Although the senior has not been charged by police in the incident, head coach Bobby Bowden said the senior will not play in Tuesday's Orange Bowl Game against Penn State.

    "A.J. will be sent home and suspended from this ballgame for violating a team rule and policy. That's about all I will say about it," said Bowden.

    Hollywood police are investigating an allegation that the woman was assaulted overnight at the team's hotel, the Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa. FSU arrived in town Wednesday afternoon to practice for the Orange Bowl meeting with Penn State.
    "Around 3 o'clock in the morning we received a phone call from a 19-year-old female. She called (to report) that allegedly she had been sexually assaulted by a player from FSU. He was later identified as A.J. Nicholson," said Hollywood Police Det. Carlos Negrön. "He has been cooperating with the detectives. He came here, gave a statement, and he was released."

    Nicholson spent a couple of hours at the Hollywood Police Department and left about 10:30 a.m. Thursday. Negrön said Nicholson was given permission to leave town and stated there would be no immediate arrest in the case. He said detectives are still conducting interviews and seeking any potential witnesses.

    "(The investigation) is going to take a while. If we need him, we'll call him," said Negrön. "It could be days, weeks or months."

    The alleged victim was taken to the rape/assault treatment center in Fort Lauderdale, according to Negrön.

    Negrön confirmed that if a charge was filed it likely would be for sexual battery. He said that the earliest evidence would be presented to the state attorney's office would be Tuesday.

    Nicholson's status during the preseason was uncertain because of two earlier incidents. He pleaded no contest this summer to a DUI charge that dated back to February, and a June charge of resisting arrest was dropped by the state attorney's office.

    Buster Davis will move to Nicholson's right-side linebacker spot and Sam McGrew will start at middle linebacker. Derrick Nicholson, A.J.'s younger brother, is expected to back up McGrew.

    If I Were FSU President/Athletic Director

    1. Buy out Bobby Bowden's contract and thank him for his service.

    2. Fire all assistant coaches except Mickey Andrews.

    3. Hire either Mark Richt or Mack Brown as the next coach.

    4. Never allow another coach to hire a relative.

    Highlights and Lowlights of 2005 Season


    * FSU defeats Miami with an inexperienced QB and great defense.

    * FSU holds on to defeat Boston College who really deserved to play in ACC championship.

    * FSU defeats Virginia Tech for ACC Championship.


    * FSU loses to an inferior NC State team.

    * FSU loses to an average Clemson team and a medicore coach.

    * FSU fails to show up for game against Florida.

    Sunday, December 25, 2005

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all the Nole fans and may we have a better year in 2006.

    Tuesday, December 20, 2005

    Where Have All the Offensive Recruits Gone?

    With Monday's news that blue-chippers Percy Harvin and Damon McDaniel are headed to Gainesville, and Carlos Brown to Michigan, Florida State lost out on three more top-notch offensive recruits. So far, 11 four and five-star offensive prospects actively recruited by the 'Noles have elected to go elsewhere. So what has happened to FSU's ability to land the nation's top offensive recruits?

    Hmmmmm.... could it be our lackluster offensive scheme headed by an equally lackluster Jeff Bowden?

    Tuesday, December 13, 2005

    Quotable Quotes

    "FSU may finish 8-5, or defeat a top-five opponent in consecutive games for just the third time in school history. Either way, steps still need be taken to help FSU return to a national-championship game. Whether that happens will likely rest with Dave Hart. The FSU athletic director will conduct his annual review of the football program after FSU faces Penn State in the Orange Bowl. Maybe Hart will conclude, as has coach Bobby Bowden, that parity and injuries are at the root of this season's unprecedented three ACC losses - plus 19 defeats in five seasons.

    Yet it is worth noting that nobody associated with FSU athletics is more competitive than Hart - not even Bowden. Losses hurt. It would be interesting to know whether Hart's review will be shaped more by productivity - victories over nationally ranked Miami, Boston College and Virginia Tech - or the lack of it, as found in this season's four losses." Tallahassee Democrat

    "Bobby now must make the same tough family call. It's time for Jeff Bowden to change roles. Bobby must go out and find the best offensive coordinator he can get to make it right.

    So where does Bowden go? Call Boise State offensive coordinator Chris Petersen, the nation's best at calling plays. He doesn't want to leave Boise, so make it tough for him to say no." Matt Hayes, The Sporting News

    News Clips

    Bowden Hears Fans Barbs

    Hart to Evaluate Football Program

    Penn St. Faithful Would Appreciate Better Opponent in Orange Bowl

    Bowden vs. Paterno

    Monday, December 12, 2005

    My FSU Football 2006 Holiday Wish List

    1. A new offensive coordinator in 2006.

    2. Another year of eligibility for Matt Meinrod.

    3. Bobby Bowden will stop calling fans names in 2006.

    4. Dave Hart will evaluate the football program fairly and objectively.

    5. An Orange Bowl win against Penn State.

    6. A top 5 recruiting class.

    7. A run for the national championship in 2006.

    Saturday, December 10, 2005

    Odds and Ends

    A lot of negative press regarding the Penn State-FSU matchup because of FSU's four one to blame but the Noles who lost to mediocre Va,NC State, and Clemson...Jeff Bowden should not be back as offensive coordinator next year...I am betting that Bush wins the Heisman...Florida is currently out recruiting us... this in large part due to our poor offense.

    Thursday, December 08, 2005

    Quotable Quotes

    Paterno said he has tried over the years to get Bowden to bring his FSU team to College Park, Pa. for a game.

    "I could never get Bobby up (here)," Paterno said. "He said, Let's play at a neutral site.'"

    "I said, 'Where?' And he said, 'Jacksonville.' ”

    When Big Ten champion Penn State (10-1) and Atlantic Coast Conference champ Florida State (8-4) face off in the Orange Bowl, Paterno will be 79. Bowden will be 76.

    "I hope it doesn't come down to where it's Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno because he can't run and I run slower," Paterno said.

    "Note to boosters: Drop the sworn complaint and back away slowly. Bobby Bowden is running this show, and he's not done yet. In fact, he's in a fighting mood and you'd have better luck dislodging his eight-foot-tall bronzed statue than you would Jeff Bowden at the moment." Doug Carlson, Tampa Tribune

    Sunday, December 04, 2005

    Quotable Quotes

    "Was this the same team that lost to Florida by something like 183 points a week earlier? FSU fans have spent the past month debating whether their best option is to take away Jeff Bowden's Etch a Sketch or put his old man on an ice floe.

    Things were so bad, the Warrick Dunn Foundation offered to build the junior Bowden a house anywhere he wanted, as long as it wasn't within 100 miles of a headset." David Whitley, Orlando Sentinel

    "Congressional testimony will reveal that FSU's defense came back from the dead. It will show that Bowden wasn't the only one who was taking the criticism personally. His entire team played as if Marcus Vick had made fun of Ann Bowden's hairdo." David Whitley, Orlando Sentinel

    "Bowden has won national championships. Yet what he did against Virginia Tech might be one of the best single-game coaching jobs he has ever done." Mike Freeman, The Times-Union

    "Coach Bowden told us what a great job we had done," linebacker Ernie Sims said. "[He said] 'Keep it up in third quarter and let's start fast.' This win wipes out all those bad memories and those losses we've had this last month. All of those losses don't mean anything now. We're going to South Beach."

    News Clips

    Ready or Not, Here Comes FSU


    'Noles Fans Dissect Problems

    J. Bowden Can Relax A Bit Thanks to Win

    Step Down, Son - at Least for Your Old Man

    ACC Championship Gamebook

    Random Reflections

    What an excellent job of coaching by Mickey Andrews last night...there is no way Notre Dame should be in a BCS bowl over Oregon who has a better record...what a great player and individual is Willie is unacceptable for us to have one let alone two illegal participation penalties...Bobby Bowden really needs to stop the name calling...the ACC championship game did not take the heat off Jeff Bowden in my opinion...I do not understand what has happened to our running game...the Orange Bowl game with FSU vs. Penn State will probably be the most interesting after the Rose Bowl because of the two coaches...Drew Weatherford has shown me a lot in terms of maturity...Joe Paterno is a class act...we have got to stop the ridiculous penaties...David Castillo is a real warrior.

    Noles Take Down Va. Tech 27-22

    FSU's defense played like FSU's defense and carried the Noles to
    victory over Va. Tech 27-22. Although the offense was sporadic at
    best,Drew Weatherford did not make any big mistakes. Penalties
    continue to plague us and allowed Va. Tech to get back in the game.

    Saturday, December 03, 2005

    Random Thoughts

    Wondering how recruiting is going to be impacted by obvious disarray in FSU coaching ranks...fairly reliable sources are saying that Xavier Lee will not be with FSU next year...Bobby Bowden interview on ESPN showed him still defending his we know why nepotism rules are a sound policy...the circumventing of nepotism rules by FSU football program is clearly a sham...watching Texas leading Colorado by a zillion points and they are still playing hard...FSU does not have killer instinct as some teams do...Bobby Bowden has lost the fire...Winter Festival in Tallahassee might outdraw FSU-Va. Tech...Derrick Brooks and Warrick Dunn who are on FSU Board of Trustees are not happy with FSU program will take a miracle for FSU to pull off upset tonight...running game must be established in order for us to have a chance...sad to hear analysts lament the demise of the calling by Bobby Bowden tarnishes his coach has the right to stay as long as he wants...when you put a man above a football program, then you are asking for disaster...Kirk Herbstreit of ESPN compares Bowden to captain of the can accept losses but not to mediocre teams...what happened to promise that Bobby Bowden made regarding retiring when losses got too many...use of statistics by Bobby Bowden are laughable...I never thought that I would see the day that I would be criticizing Bobby Bowden...has anyone seen or heard from Dave expecting to see Dave Hart's picture on milk will determine if changes are made in FSU football program...Go Noles!!

    News Clips

    Blood Is Thick, Skin Should Be Thicker

    Bowden's Career In Red Zone

    FSU On Edge of Un-four-tunate History

    Friday, December 02, 2005

    Flawed Logic

    One of the most interesting and flawed ploys that Bobby Bowden has resorted to is to say that if you have never played football, shut up. You have no right to comment on my or my son's coaching performance. Really? Well, first coach, there is the first amendment so I guess and I other fans do have the right to criticize.

    The last time I checked there are not too many coaches that are Rhodes scholars. Football play calling is not rocket science. Most people including my wife can tell poor play calling when she sees it.

    If we took Bowden's flawed logic, we would never be able to question our physician's diagnosis, our financial adviser's advice, or anyone else. After all, they are the professionals.

    It is what the Greeks called hubris or false pride that has fans infuriated. We have the audacity to question the great one or his son.

    News Clips

    Critics Want Bowden To Fire His Son

    Tough Decisions Will Determine Bowden Legacy

    Seasons of Change

    Nepotism, Poor Offense Fuel Bowden's Critics

    Thursday, December 01, 2005

    Fair Weather Fans

    I have a different take on what is a fair weather fan. Coach Bowden's opinion is if you criticize his son then you are a fair weather fan.

    I believe that a fair weather fan is someone who is willing to accept mediocrity and not say anything to try and change what is happening.

    As I have said before, this football program is not a fiefdom of Bobby Bowden. He would like to portray fans as those who say nothing(the "loyal" ones) and those who criticize(the "cowards").

    We have too many great players to be in this situation for the last 4 or 5 years. It comes down to coaching. Just as a CEO is judged on the bottom line, Bobby Bowden should also be judged on his bottom line. It is not looking good. What are we getting for $2 million a year?

    Quotable Quotes

    "My son was made a scapegoat for the offensive ineptitude," said Chris Rix Sr., the father of Florida State's much-maligned former quarterback. "Funny, but the many problems Chris was blamed for are still there now that he's gone.

    "My son was never developed like he should have been. He was stuck in second gear his whole time there. Chris was recruited by Mark Richt to play quarterback at Florida State, but when Coach Richt left [to become the head coach at Georgia], we weren't playing for Florida State anymore. We were playing for the Bobby Bowden Friends and Family Network."

    News Clips

    Crayon Is On The Wall for Sinking Noles

    What's Ailing FSU?

    Terry Bowden: Criticize My Dad, Not My Brother

    Wednesday, November 30, 2005

    Recommendations from One FSU Fan

    I found this on one of the sports message boards and thought it was an interesting list of recommendations:

    1. Demote Jeff Bowden to receiver's coach, if he wants to stay. When he had that job, he did it well and our receivers did not drop balls and could block downfield on runnng plays. (When was the last time anyone saw a receiver actually block downfield for a run?)

    2. Hire a new offensive coordinator. We should find and hire the best in the nation and pay him whatever it takes to get him.

    3. Mark McHale, our offensive line coach, should be placed on notice by Dave Hart that McHale has one year to solve the problems with our line (a lack of run blocking or pass blocking - actually any semblence of blocking at all!). If he does not do so, he should be replaced.

    4. Immediately fire Darryl Dickey and hire a new quarterback coach. F.S.U. has produced a number of quaterbacks over the years that might do well in this capacity (Danny Kannell might be a good candidate and he has NFL experience).

    5. Hire a good special teams coach. Our special teams coaching has been horrible all year (e.g.; the fielding of kick-offs against UF - twice we did not get beyong the 10-yard line). Mickey Andrews should focus his genius solely on the defense. Hiring a special teams coach will permit Coach Andrews to focus his efforts where they belong.

    6. Billy Sexton should also be told that major improvements to the running game must occur next year if he is to keep his job. We have three of the best running backs in the nation. For F.S.U. to have the worst rushing attack in 32 years is incomprehensible and unacceptable.

    In short, we need new ideas from our offensive coaching staff; the current staff cannot get the job done and have not been getting the job done for more than 5 years. Please remember our problems began with the horrible play calling and offensive execution against Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl/National Championship Game in 2001. That game was Jeff Bowden's first game as offensive coordintor.

    Dave Hart needs to have a long and very direct discussion with Coach Bowden. If he is truly honest with himself, Coach Bowden with agree that offensive coaching changes are warranted because the current coaches are not getting the job done. Based on his comments after the UF game in his press conference, I believe that Coach Bowden really knows intelectually what needs to be done; for obvious reasons he can't admit it to himself.

    If we do not take prompt, decisive steps to remedy the problems that are obvious to every analyst that has looked at them, I fear that our recruiting will be damaged. I am seriously concerned that the great athletes will decide to move to more competitive programs that are doing what it takes to be successful.

    Coach Hart should do his part to help Coach Bowden make the painful decisions necessaary to restore F.S.U.'s program to the level it enjoyed from 1987 until 2000. If he does, we and Coach Bowden can all enjoy Seminole football the way Boach Bowden built it to be.

    This Site Is About FSU Football

    Just want to make the point that this site is not about me but what we as FSU fans can do to effect change. As I have said elsewhere:

    If you like mediocrity,that is your choice but please don't castigate and berate others that want a quality program.

    What do we owe Bobby Bowden? Nothing. We as far as I know compensate him well. He also was willing to bail for Alabama and LSU at one time. He has no allegiance to FSU. This program is not Bobby Bowden's program. It is alumni like myself and others who have supported the program through thick and thin. I resent a man like Bobby Bowden calling fans stupid and cowards because they have the audacity to want something better. All fans should be embarrassed at his remarks.

    Rivals.Com Recruiting Rank vs. Team Record

    As you can see, FSU is almost always in the top 5 for recruits. Yet our record is dismal compared to the recruiting. That translates into lack of coaching:

    2002 9-5 Recruiting Rank #4

    2003 10-3 Recruiting Rank #21

    2004 9-3 Recruiting Rank # 3

    2005 7-4 Recruiting Rank #2

    Very Well Said

    FSU Needs Extreme Makeover

    Bobby Bowden Quotes

    " I know what the problem is and I WILL fix it." ( After last year's bowl game )

    "It irritates me that as soon as we lose a ballgame, it's 'Fire Jeff Bowden.' That's really cowardly to me." ( After losing three in a row and losing to Florida 7-34 )

    "I think people are getting personal," he said. "They'd better be glad I'd like to keep this job."

    "A lot of them never played.That's what makes my job so rough. You've got people who never played the game evaluating my performance."

    Tuesday, November 29, 2005

    Who Is the Coward?

    I find it highly offensive for Bobby Bowden to call fans stupid and cowards because they have the audacity to want a team better than we are seeing.

    Bobby Bowden refuses to listen to criticism, ignores the obvious, and has placed himself above the program.

    Is Peter Tom Willis a coward when he said that our offense looked like a high school team? Are countless football analysts cowards?

    Is Bobby Bowden and Jeff Bowden the only ones that are right? Who are the real cowards?

    News Clips

    Heat On for FSU Offense

    Bowden Gets Defensive

    Bowden Says It Is Cowardly to Call For His Son's Firing

    Florida State Not Prepared for Florida Game

    FSU Has No First Team ACC Players

    Through the first half of the season, Florida State had a number of promising candidates for postseason conference and national honors. But their individual stock has plummeted along with the team's season, and for the first time since FSU joined the Atlantic Coast Conference in 1992, the Seminoles don't have a single first-team all-conference selection this year.The first team, voted on by the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association and released Monday, features players from every conference school but FSU, which led the league with eight overall picks in 2004. WR Greg Carr, LB A.J. Nicholson, DT Brodrick Bunkley and DE Kamerion Wimbley were all named to the second team.

    The Seminoles had never garnered fewer than three first-teamers and seven selections overall before this year.

    Monday, November 28, 2005

    Purpose of This Blog

    Let me make this clear. I am a FSU graduate from the 70s, a lifetime Nole fan, and a diehard Bobby Bowden fan until recently.

    However, I think that Bobby Bowden now thinks he is above the program. This is a recipe for disaster. He has resorted to calling fans stupid and cowards because they have the "audacity" to want a better coached team.

    It is time for major changes.