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    Wednesday, November 15, 2006

    My View: Bowden/Booster Agreement Stinks To High Heaven

    The announcement that Jeff Bowden will be guaranteed $537,000 beginning in August 2007 by the FSU Seminoles boosters represents another example of a program gone wild. The FSU Seminoles Boosters are supposedly a "separate" arm from the university but operate in concert with the athletic department.

    Here is the purpose of FSU Seminole Boosters as stated on their website: "As the fundraising arm of the Florida State University, the Seminole Boosters, Inc. is charged with generating current and deferred contributions for the purpose of enriching the overall educational environment of the Florida State University Athletic Program and providing financial security which contribute to the program's long term growth and prosperity." So is the financial security of Jeff Bowden one of their goals?

    If you don't believe that Bobby Bowden had a role in negotiating this agreement, then I have some prime swamp land to sell you.This is yet another example of the university/boosters being coerced by the Bowden family. Bobby Bowden is operating the football program as a family business and using taxpayers and donor money to fill the pockets of family members.

    The agreement apparently makes the point that the money to be paid Jeff Bowden is not donor revenue but other monies. I assume that means endorsement and royalty revenue. However, the point needs to be made that this money could have been used for more worthy purposes rather than lining the pocket of a Bowden.

    And what are the special projects that Jeff Bowden will do? Does sitting at home and collecting checks qualify as a special project? How many of us would like to be guaranteed a compensation package after resigning a position? That is ludicrous.
    Only in the world of FSU and the Bowdens could this happen. The agreement stinks to high heaven.

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