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    Wednesday, November 15, 2006

    My Buys and Sells

    Bobby Bowden Is More Arrogant Than Steve Spurrier: They are both arrogant but no one is more arrogant than Steve Spurrier. Not even Bobby. I am selling.

    Bobby Bowden Will Make Coaching Changes: Well, Bobby doesn't think anything is wrong with the program so why would he make changes? The changes are going to have to come at the insistence of Dave Hart or T.K. Wetherell. I am selling.

    Bobby Bowden Thursday Call In Show Will Be Filled With Bowden Supporters: This show is made up of screened callers who fawn over Bobby Bowden. This week we will hear from all the apologists who are sorry that Jeff left. I am buying.

    T.K. Wetherell and Dave Hart Play Good Cop/Bad Cop:This dynamic duo are unbelievable. We now have T.K. shifting everything to the bad cop Dave Hart. Neither one has asserted the leadership needed. I am buying their act.

    Grading of Quarterbacks Done By Throwing Darts:How else can you explain the reason why Weatherford was picked over Lee to start game against Western Michigan? I am buying.

    Butch Davis Will Hurt FSU Recruiting:As the new head coach at UNC, Davis has ties to south Florida that will enable him to recruit effectively there. FSU has not done well in south Florida since Chuck 'The Chest" Amato left. I am buying.

    Jeff Bowden Will Get Head Coaching Job At Major University:Well, according to Bobby, he is one of the best offensive coordinators in the country. To my knowledge, he was not interviewed at UNC . However, I am sure the offers will now be flooding in. Nope, don't think so. Oh, this just in, the Boosters are going to pay Jeffie Boy over $500,000 for special projects. I am selling.

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