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    Wednesday, December 06, 2006

    My View: "Walking the Walk"

    Bobby Bowden was in New York at the Waldorf Astoria last night along with Charlie Ward as they were inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. Bowden was met with adoring fans and lots of positive comments by players and colleagues alike. It was a nice tribute and a great honor.

    With that said, one must always keep things in perspective. I have gotten the feeling that Bobby Bowden believes his press clippings instead of reality. It is easy for people far removed from the program to have such adulation for Bowden. Bowden has however failed to "walk the walk" but certainly has "talked the talk."

    He has always been seen as a man of high moral principles. However, we saw those principles tossed away when he circumvented Florida's nepotism law and hired his son in a blatant conflict of interest. Even as recently as yesterday, we see Bowden unapologetic.

    We have heard numerous comments by Bowden that we now know were untrue and that he did not intend to carry out. Such things as I know what the problem is at FSU and will fix it. This was last year after he had been criticized for a horrible season. Or how about Bowden saying that when the losses got too many he would call it quits.

    We also see a coach that cannot face the truth. When faced with legitimate criticism, he lashes out at fans and boosters. We see his family join in the chorus and tell us "peons" that we need him far more than he needs us. The arrogance and audacity is breathtaking.

    As long as Bowden has enablers such as Dave Hart and T.K. Wetherell to tell him that he is great and everything is alright, we will continue to see the same old Bowden. Talking the talk but certainly not walking the walk.

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