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    Friday, December 22, 2006

    Booker Is "Sod Captain"

    Senior RB Lorenzo Booker has been selected as the player responsible for bringing a piece of sod from San Francisco's AT&T Park should the underdog Seminoles (6-6) defeat the Bruins (7-5). As "Sod Captain", Booker said he would like nothing better than to be the guy responsible for contributing the first piece of West Coast sod to FSU's cemetery.


    FSU Athletic Director Dave Hart received the boosters' approval to extend a multi-year deal to the next offensive coordinator. That's a necessary step because Florida law allows assistant coaches to hold only one-year, but renewable, contracts as state employees.

    Bobby Bowden said there were no specific plans to play Xavier Lee in the Emerald Bowl, although that does not rule out an appearance.

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