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    Wednesday, December 27, 2006

    My Buys and Sells for the Emerald Bowl Game

    UCLA Bruins mascot- Another clothed mascot. And what the heck is a Bruin? Well, it is a brown bear and the Bruins have Joe and Josephine Bruin. I am selling.

    San Francisco as site for Emerald Bowl- Ok, we know the Emerald Bowl is not a major bowl but the site is one of the best in the country. I am buying.

    UCLA has home field advantage- Duh! Yes, the majority of the people at the game will be rooting for UCLA. I am buying.

    Jeff Bowden will have a good offensive game plan- I also believe in the tooth fairy and leprechauns. I don't think this guy would know a good offensive game plan if it hit him in the face. I am selling.

    Mickey Andrews will have a good defensive scheme- Mickey is one of the best and I believe he will have something special for the Bruins. I am buying.

    Jeff Bowden's last game at FSU- Who would have thought that this would finally happen? It was many years too late but glad that it is over. I am buying.

    UCLA field goal kicker Medlock is for real- This guy misses very few FGs. That is why he is an All American. I am buying.

    FSU field goal kicker Cismesia- For once you would like to see him back up his mouth with actions. Let's hope the game does not come down to a field goal for the Noles. I am selling.

    Greg Carr will have at least one touchdown- If we hope to win the game, he must use his height to his advanatge and make the catches that the Noles need in the game. I am buying.

    Drew Weatherford will not be sacked- Only if he gets a new set of legs and learns how to throw the ball away. I am selling.

    Weatherford will not be intercepted- Not going to happen. He throws into double coverage too often and does not seem to learn from his mistakes. I am selling.

    FSU will be able to sack UCLA QB- I think the defense will be able to pressure the UCLA quarterback and get some sacks. I am buying.

    Chris Davis will be Offensive MVP for the Noles- Hard to say who who will be the MVP but I think he has a good shot at it. I am buying.

    Buster Davis will be Defensive MVP for the Noles- There are a number of players that may fit this bill. Timmons, Davis, or even Rolle but I am going with the senior to make this his game. I am buying.

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