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    Tuesday, August 28, 2007

    My View: "Will He Make It Rain?"

    Xavier Lee had been silent until today regarding Drew Weatherford being chosen the starting quarterback for the Noles. There was even speculation today on local sports radio that perhaps Lee was contemplating transferring. There were harsh words about him perhaps attempting to "blackmail" the school. Pretty harsh rhetoric about a kid who is trying to win a starting job and let's be honest here,having to fight both Bobby Bowden and Jeff Bowden in the past. No matter what Drew Weatherford did or didn't do, Weatherford was the chosen one.

    We all should understand that these are young kids. I have a twenty-one year old son and I know how upset he can get and how he can act sometimes in an irrational manner. Given the circumstances, I think Xavier Lee has been relatively moderate in his comments and demeanor.

    From all accounts, Drew Weatherford had the better preseason. That said, I heard that said about him last year and the year before that and then I watched him in game situations.

    Xavier Lee spoke to the press tonight in regard to the QB position. In regard to not being the starter, he said, "I'm going to still work hard like I have been and when I get my shot I am going to have to make the most of it." Nothing incendiary in those words.

    What about Drew as starting QB? Here's what Lee said," I'm preparing like I'm going to start.I just hope Drew does well and we just come out on top that's all that matters to me. I care about this team more than myself." Not a hint of blackmail or threats in those words.

    As I have said before, I believe that Lee is far and away the better athlete and QB. However, he has not shown coaches what he is capable of in practices. Some would argue that you will never be able to convince Bobby Bowden that he is the better athlete.

    Lee did manage to let everyone know what he is capable of doing." Everyone knows I can throw the long ball and I can hit a barn from a mile a way. But, at the same time, you have to work on your 10 yard throws. I could make it rain out here if I wanted to."

    The question is will he ever be allowed to make it rain.

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