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    Friday, October 13, 2006

    My View: Is Bobby Bowden Violating Florida's Nepotism Law?

    I believe that Bobby Bowden is violating Florida's nepotism law as indicated by statements he made on his televison program this past Thursday. When asked by a caller if there would ever come a time that he would say that his son is not working out, Bowden said,"No, I will never say that." Well, Bobby, according to Florida's nepotism law, you don't have the right to say that.

    He should have said that decision will be left to Mickey Andrews who evaluates Jeff Bowden and Dave Hart. This is the so called procedures or sham that was created by the university to circumvent the nepotism law. However, Bowden either is clueless or has the audacity to openly violate the law.

    I believe these statements by Bobby Bowden when taken in their totality are designed to send a clear message to those who are legally responsible for the retention or dismissal of Jeff Bowden.

    This is not the first time that Bowden has made public statements regarding his son's job status. As most people know, Florida's nepotism law was enacted to prohibit spouses or parents from direct supervision of their spouse or children. If not, then it is clear what would happen. The Jeff Bowden sham is the glaring example.

    The president of the university, Dave Hart, and the Inspector General for FSU should look into possible violations of the law by Bowden. At the very least, he should be reprimanded and told to never make public statements in regard to the retention or dismissal of his son. The law should be equally applied to all agencies.

    I would welcome any attorney's opinion in regard to this..

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