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    Sunday, November 05, 2006

    My View: What Is Wetherell Thinking?

    There were articles in several Florida papers last week concerning the emails President T.K. Wetherell of FSU has received concerning Bobby Bowden. Both the Palm Beach Post and The Tallahassee Democrat reported that the emails were running 3-1 in favor of Bobby Bowden either retiring or being fired.

    That in itself is not surprising to me. What was were the comments that Wetherell made regarding who FSU might hire if Bowden left. His comment when asked about NFL offensive coordinator Norm Chow was that FSU can't afford Chow. My first question would be how does he know? I would be amazed if Chow as an assistant coach in the NFL is making more than Bobby Bowden as a head coach. The second question is are we already sending a message to prospective coaches that FSU is not willing to spend the money to hire a quality coach? What Wetherell should have said is that when the time comes, we will get the best coach to return the program to national prominence.

    It is no secret that Wetherell played under Bowden. That said, Wetherell should be planning for the future and making sure that the FSU football will regain its prominence among the nation's elite programs. If FSU is already "penny pinching", that does not bode well for the program. What is Wetherell thinking? Is this his way of telling boosters, fans, and other supporters that Bowden is here until he is on the "wrong side of the grass"? Or is this some other message?

    This is why the boosters and fans need to continue to send emails and letters to Wetherell and Hart and make them understand that changes need to be made. A viable FSU football program enhances all aspects of the university. If the leadership does not understand that, then maybe we need new leaders.

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