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    Sunday, November 05, 2006

    Buys and Sells

    NC State Is Good Team: Despite Bobby Bowden trying to convince us that NC State was good after they beat FSU, it is obvious what kind of team they are. I am selling!

    Clemson Is Great Team- This is de ja vu all over again. Bobby Bowden said Clemson was one of the top teams in the country. Huh? They can beat FSU but no one else. I am selling.

    Larry Coker Will Be Miami Coach Next Year- Only if it snows in Miami. Miami will do something about their program and replace the head coach. Only if FSU would follow suit. I am selling.

    Wake Forest Is For Real- The smallest school in the ACC conference is for real. It is no longer "Cake" Forest. FSU better be ready for this team. I am buying.

    FSU Defense Is For Real- Mickey Andrews knows how to coach! They are for real. I am buying.

    Bobby Bowden Will Use "Ain't" At Least One Time This Week- Small point but shouldn't he use the King's English when representing a major university? It just ain't right. I am buying.

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