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    Friday, November 24, 2006

    My Buys and Sells for FSU-Florida Game

    Florida Mascots:-Costumed in plush to look like American Alligators, the official mascots of the Florida Gators are Albert and Alberta. Gee, costumed mascots. Albert and Alberta can take a hike to the closest swamp. I am selling.

    Urban Meyer Coaching:- He is 5-0 against his rivals. Enough said. I am buying.

    Bobby Bowden Coaching:- CEO who has become cluelesss. I am selling.

    FSU Offensive Line Will Protect QB Against the Blitz:- Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of confidence in the offensive line plus Weatherford has no mobility to avoid the blitz. I am selling.

    Greg Carr Will Have At Least One TD:- Well, if he doesn't, we have no chance. Carr will need an exceptional game. I am buying.

    Home Field Advantage:- Well, home cooking once was important with the Noles. Not this year. I am not sure that is going to be a factor. I am selling.

    FSU Running Game Will Get 100 Yards or More:- There needs to be a running game but the Gators are holding teams to much less than a 100 yards a game. I am hoping that Booker can have a great day. However, I am not confident we can do it. I am selling.

    Gators Will Stomp On Seminole Head:- Well, it may fire the Noles up but I think the Gators will be in check. I am selling.

    Mickey Andrews Defense:- I have confidence in Mickey and believe that he will come up with something new for the Gators. I am buying.

    Drew Weatherford Will Escape Gators Blitz:- Drew is not mobile and tends to throw into double coverage. I am selling.

    Xavier Lee Will Be In Early:- If we want to have a chance, Lee better arrive early. I am buying.

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