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    Monday, August 27, 2007

    First "3 And Out" For The Season

    Continuing the practice from last year of interviewing those in the media who are familiar with FSU football, the opening "3 And Out" for the 2007 season is with sports radio personality Jeff Cameron of 1270 The Team. Jeff hosts the Jeff Cameron Show weekdays Monday through Friday from 3-6 on 1270 AM radio. He covers all sports with particular emphasis on FSU sports. He is a highly entertaining and informed host. Thanks to Jeff for taking the time to answer the questions.

    1. Can you give us what you feel are three keys to a successful season for the Noles in 2007 ?

    Here goes, let's start with the running game shall we? Last year FSU did not have a back average 50 yards a game rushing. Not 50 yards!!!!!!!! That's pathetic. Pathetic to the tune of being ranked in the 100's out of 119 teams. This is where lack of offensive balance comes into play. FSU must be able to run the ball effectively in order to give their QB's a chance. The Noles no longer possess the kind of overwhelming athleticism as compared to their opponents that will allow for such a deficiency to be overcome. If FSU runs with some degree of efficiency you'll see the play action pass become relevant again and defenses will be forced to play us "honest". That hasn't happened in years.

    The next key is one that applies to all teams but I think especially so in FSU's case. From the scrimmages I watched it was clear that the starters on both offense and defense can play at a pretty high level. However, the second team, with few exceptions, showed an alarming drop off. This was very apparent in regards to our offensive line. In short, FSU must stay healthy. Very healthy if they are to have a great season.

    As for the third key I'll go with the obvious- find a QB that they can trust. I don't think Weatherford has to be the next "great one" but rather a guy who doesn't blow the game. Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers, got to cut way down on the INT's and understand that it's ok to punt. While we'd all prefer to have a superstar at this position it isn't entirely necessary if the other components I referenced come into place.

    2. What has been your biggest surprise on offense and defense?

    On offense I'll go with DeCody Fagg. The guy has consistently shown off another gear this fall and has frequently made catches underneath and then out ran our defense on his way to the end zone. I typically thought of him as a possession receiver so this has surprised me quite a bit.

    On defense I'll go with LeTroy Guion. With so much talk about Paul Griffen coming back healthy I think that many people forgot about Guion. He has been a one man wrecking crew at every single practice I have witnessed. The interior of FSU's defensive line is going to be very good this year if he and Fluellen play up to their abilities.

    3. Who do you think needs to be the impact player on offense and defense?

    On offense it's Antone Smith. The coaches have told him that he's the man and if he can handle the load they'll give him the ball 15 to 20 times a game minimum. He's the one true game breaker on offense and if the line gives him a chance we could finally see a 1,000 yard rusher in FSU's backfield.

    On the defensive side of the ball I'd like to see Everette Brown become a dominant rush end. It's been so long since FSU has had consistent pressure off the edges that allow for Mickey to run the defense he wants without having to stunt in order to pressure the QB. Brown may not even begin the year as a starter so some might find this as a bit of a reach but honestly, from what I've seen, I don't see how he won't be the guy by week three.

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