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    Tuesday, November 07, 2006

    My View: An Open Letter to T.K. Wetherell

    An Open Letter to T.K. Wetherell:

    Your comments recently regarding fans, boosters and donors shows an arrogance only exceeded by your stupidity and shortsightedness. The president of a major university should be analytical in his thoughts and measured in his words. You have failed at both.

    I suppose you are taking speaking tips from your idol, Bobby Bowden. I am waiting for you to start using "ain't" in your speeches. The president of a university should not be a sycophant for anyone. That is not the role of a leader.

    If you cannot discern or understand that the FSU football program has been in a steady downward spiral for several years now, then perhaps you should not be the president of a major university. Thoughtful analysis should be one of the prerequisites of a president. Being a shill for a coach is not one of the requirements for being hired at FSU.

    Rational thought and discussion seems to be foreign with you as with coach Bowden.Fans and boosters have a right to be heard without being castigated by you or the coach. To tell fans and donors if they don't like the current state of the football program, "...they should go fishing" is an affront to their loyalty and monetary contributions in the past.To use a well known phrase. T.K., be careful what you wish for. You may get it.

    It is interesting that former players like Monk Bonasorte recognize how low the football program has come but somehow you don't have a clue. The FSU football program is not discussed or talked about in the national media unless it is in terms of a once great program or mediocre at best references.

    Fans, boosters and donors deserve people in leadership to have the vision and guts to do what is best for the program. You have even in moments of a rational lapse indicated thst one man does not transcend a program. If you do not possess that vision, then maybe you should shut up and get out of the way. We deserve better.

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