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    Friday, November 17, 2006

    My View: Bo Knew Football

    A coaching legend passed away today. I am older than a lot of the readers on this blog so I can remember watching Michigan football under Bo Schembechler. I remember as a teenager watching teams such as USC, Notre Dame, Ohios State, and Michigan. Michigan football under Bo was a tough run it down their throats type of football. It was three yards and a cloud of dust and the occasional pass.

    When you watched Bo, you saw a tough man roaming the sidelines who was not afraid to show his anger at players and officials. He had an incredible winning record at Michigan. His legacy as a coach and a man is intact. He died today doing what he loved. Talking about Michigan football as he was taping a weekly show on a Michigan television station.

    Ironically he died one day before probably one of the most publicized ganes between Michigan and their arch rival Ohio State. Number one Ohio State against number two Michigan State.

    There aren't many men left that have had the kind of impact on football as Bo. There still is Paterno, Bowden, and a few others. Their legacies are yet to be fully written. Bo's legacy is now complete.

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