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    Monday, November 13, 2006

    My View: The Fighting "Sue"

    A district judge has granted a preliminary injunction to stop the NCAA from banning the University of North Dakota from hosting a postseason game because of its "Fighting Sioux" nickname, state Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem said.

    FSU had to petition the NCAA regarding our name and fortunately FSU was granted the right to keep its name by the divine NCAA. Of course these small minded people could always change thir minds at some time in the future.

    This latest fight with the NCAA is an example of politcal correctness gone amok. The NCAA, in my opinion, should stay out of the affairs of member schools unless there is a blatant racial or ethnic bias manifested in a school name.

    The "Fighting Sioux" in my opinion represents a proud people who fought to save their land from European and American conquest. That is a proud tradition given the history of indian affairs in this country.

    Why doesn't the NCAA go after Notre Dame for its "fighting Irish" nickname. This is definitely an ethnic slur toward a specific group. In the 1800s in America , the Irish were portrayed as drunks who fought all the time. Why don't these petty NCAA types go after this school? Could it be because Notre Dame is more powerful and influential than tiny University of North Dakota?

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