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    Monday, November 20, 2006

    My View: A Tale of Two Teams

    It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.These diametrically opposed statements accurately reflect the Gator and Noles football teams.

    The Florida Gators are as hot as Borat. The Seminoles are lower than Tom Cruise's popularity.The Gators have beaten a lot of teams with a winning record. The Noles have beaten two teams with a winning record. The Gators have a relatively new coach who is young and excited. The Noles have an old coach that is mad at the fans and is bitter. I think you get the contrasts.

    The Noles are on life support waiting for someone to come in and pull the plug. Nothing short of a miracle can revive this comatose team. It would be too easy to lay all the blame at the feet of Jeff Bowden. That would be ridiculous. It also is ridiculous to say that he was not a major part of the problem. Bobby Bowden referred to a cancer when talking to the media regarding his son's resignation. I agree with the cancer analogy but not about Jeff Bowden. There is a cancer on this team. It is that of mediocrity and making excuses and blaming media and fans.

    Bobby Bowden for whatever reason refuses to look within and determine what is wrong with this team and program. He is too concerned with blaming fans and others for the downfall of his son. Until there is an honest appraisal done by the head coach or perhaps Dave Hart, this program will be headed farther down the ladder.

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