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    Friday, December 01, 2006

    My View: Oversight Needed

    The search for an offensive coordinator at FSU is getting more attention among FSU fans than Britney Spears is getting for her lack of underwear. There have been a wide range of prospects discussed. The only person apparently that knows who the prospects are is Bobby Bowden. And therein lies my concern.

    At a lot of schools, these kinds of searches are conducted by a professional search firm. At FSU, it is apparently being done by the seat of the pants and an aw shucks attitude. Steve Ellis of The Tallahassee Democrat states that Dave Hart has been a part of the process but will "leave the final decision to Bobby Bowden." Here again, I have a concern,

    We all know what happened the last time Bobby Bowden was allowed to hire an offensive coordinator. He ignored the state's nepotism law and hired his son Jeff. We cannot afford to have another hiring disaster. Dave Hart should be involved intimately in the hiring of the next offensive coordinator. He should have veto power over any person that Bobby Bowden may want to hire. If not, why do we need an athletic director?

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