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    Friday, November 24, 2006

    My View: Doak Bowl II

    FSU is bowl eligible with its win over WMU last Saturday. We know that we will be headed to either the frozen blue turf in Boise or the "Nut" bowl in San Francisco. While San Francisco is my favorite city in the United States, the Emerald Bowl is hardly one of the top tier bowls. It can't get any lower than to go to Boise or the Emerald Bowl.

    So with that said. FSU should prepare for this game like their bowl game. I made this point with the Wake game several weeks ago and the Noles came away with a 30-0 drubbing by Wake Forest.

    Pride is the only thing on the line for the Noles. There is no ACC Championship in Jacksonville. There is no Orange Bowl in which to play before a national audience. I am not sure if the coaches can motivate the players to play this game like their bowl game. A long time ago Bobby Bowden had the fire to be able to motivate players to play their hearts out. Now I am not sure he has the heart.

    With that said, leaders like Lorenzo Booker,Buster Davis, and others are going to have to be the ones to motivate the players to play their hearts out. I still believe that we have the talent to beat the Gators. However, it is going to take a supreme effort to win this time. As Bobby Bowden has said recently, this team needs a defining moment. What better time than this Saturday?

    Doak Bowl II can be the highlight of the year or it can be yet another disappointing loss we have seen too many of in recent years.

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