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    Wednesday, November 08, 2006

    My View: Gone Fishing

    A popular anti-drug ad aimed at American youth used the slogan, 'Just Say No". Thanks to FSU President T.K. Wetherell, fans and boosters who are not content with the current direction of the football program now have a slogan also - "Just Gone Fishing."

    Seems that T.K. does not believe that fans and boosters have the right to critcize the downward spiral of the FSU football program. A recent quote illustrates this point. "It's not like you aren't appreciative of your donors - you are. But by the same token, if it's that much of a strain on them, they should go fishing or something.”

    This is indicative of the arrogance shown by the FSU leadership. If you don't like it, go fishing.

    That is exactly what fans and boosters should do when they are solicited by FSU to renew their season tickets. No, thanks, I am just going fishing. Or how about when someone asks a fan or booster to join or renew their booster membership. Thanks for asking but I am just going fishing. Or how about when someone asks you to buy a "brag with the tag ". Say no thanks, isn't there a fishing tag because I am going fishing. Or how about this holiday season when you are innundated by all the FSU merchandise? There are plenty of lakes and rivers in Florida so just buy the fishing gear and just go fishing.

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