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    Friday, July 13, 2007

    My View: "Sweet Home Alabama"

    Nick Saban's favorite song must be "Sweet Home Alabama." With his new $32 million contract, Saban got everything he wanted with the exception of replacing the Bear's statute with one of him. That might be in his new contract. We have Alabama fans that pack a spring game while their state is at the bottom in education funding. See anything wrong with this picture?

    As I have said before, I love college football but the salaries paid to coaches and apparently athletic directors is absolutely ludicrous. And the only ones that are going to be able to stop this are the university presidents at the major universities.

    The question will be if they have the political courage to buck their fans and booster groups who want to hire the next new "coach of the month" that will be the saviour for their program. Does anyone really believe that Nick Saban's compensation can be justified? Or the salary of other coaches at the major football schools. Oklahoma's Stoops makes an ungodly amount of money and we now see that Oklahoma has to forfeit an entire season of wins that occurred under Stoops. I guess that was money well spent.

    Closer to home, we now learn about Dave Hart's lucrative compensation package. Apparently according to sources, the search for a new athletic director will probably require $400,000 and more likely over $500,000 to attract a worthy candidate. This is ridiculous. How can a university justify these outlandish compensation packages while the state is cutting back on its budget and college tuition continues to escalate in Florida.

    Insanity is the modus operandi in professional sports in terms of salary and now it seems to be permeating college football.

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