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    Sunday, October 19, 2008

    Enough Is Enough

    I have at numerous times voiced the opinion that college football salaries for head coaches are out of control. The latest example comes with the announcement this past week regarding the dismissal of Tommy Bowden as the head football coach at Clemson. Now that he is gone, Clemson University is obligated to pay Bowden $3.5 million. Unbelievable !

    This is absolute lunacy and represents the idiocy of college presidents and athletic directors. Bowden had been under fire for years because of his lack of winning an ACC title or being to a BCS game. So what do these mental midgets at Clemson do at the end of the season last year? They negotiate a long term contract and a buyout provision for Bowden in the event he is terminated. The only one screwed in the deal are the fans who will have to eventually eat the costs by higher ticket prices.

    It is clear to me and others that college presidents and athletic directors are out of control. They are clueless. One wonders what they are thinking when they negotiate these huge contracts with coaches that are average at best. Clemson is not the exception but the rule. We can look at FSU and its settlement with Jeff Bowden who now sits at home while drawing a salary. We can look across the nation and see universities that negotiate these huge salaries and buyouts while fans and others ask why?

    Salaries and buyouts should be based on reasonable criteria. Somehow alumni and fans are going to have to send a message that enough is enough.

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