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    Tuesday, October 28, 2008

    Noles To Face Triple Option On Saturday

    With the hiring of Navy coach Paul Johnson, Georgia Tech switched from a pro style offense to one where the triple option is its base play. Players had to buy into a culture shift, ignore preconceived notions and work through the growing pains.

    At Georgia Tech, the shift was especially significant even at the most basic level. Quarterbacks accustomed to the shotgun now had to take snaps from under center.

    Running backs became A backs or B backs. The B backs, the featured backs positioned behind the QB, had to adjust to lining up in a three-point stance, something most hadn't done since their Pee-Wee days.

    The A backs (a combination of a tailback and slot receiver) and the receivers learned that blocking was a primary responsibility.

    So what is the basic play under the triple option? The quarterback lines up under center. The B back is the team's featured running back who lines up behind the quarterback in the spot a fullback usually is in other offenses.

    The A back is a slot back, a combination of a tailback and slot receiver. The A backs line up in slot positions outside the tackles.

    When the ball is snapped, the QB has three options:

    1. After the ball is snapped, the QB puts the ball in the B back's belly, a connection called the "mesh" and reads the defense.

    2. If the defensive end takes the B back, the QB pulls the ball back and has the option of either keeping it himself.

    3. Or he can pitch it to an A back who is coming around in motion.

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