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    Monday, October 20, 2008

    Slide, Christian, Slide

    * One word Christian Ponder should learn - s-l-i-d-e. It is nice that we have a QB that can run but if he is on the bench hurt, that doesn't help us.

    * The first half was as awful a defensive showing by the Noles in a long time. A great example of that was the first NC State TD where there was no Nole to be found in coverage.

    * The run by Antone Smith on 3rd and 14 in second quarter to get a first down was one of the best runs of the season for him.

    * Penalties by Noles in first half were absolutely awful. There were 5 holding penalties called against the Noles in first half.

    * Corey Surrency needs to learn how to catch the ball or maybe he should be watching from the bench.

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