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    Wednesday, October 15, 2008

    My Buys And Sells For FSU-NC State Game

    NC State Mascot- Move over Ibis. Here is another costumed character. His name his Mr. Wuf. Clever. I am selling.

    Noles will have at least one sack against NC State- Defense needs to get after the QB. Look for Everette Brown or Derek Nicholson to get a sack. I am buying.

    Noles will hold NC State running game to less than 100 yards- Andre Brown is capable of making lots of yards but I think the Nole defense will try and shut the run down. I am buying.

    Antone Smith will have 100 yards or more rushing- If Jermaine Thomas gets as many carries as Dexter Carter wants him to get, Smith may have a hard time getting to 100. However, I think that he will still get to 100. I am buying.

    FSU will have 50 yards or less in penalties- Start the laugh machine. I will believe it when I see it. I am selling.

    FSU gets at least one interception- I think the secondary will get some opportunities to get a pick. I am buying.

    ESPN announcers will bring up Tommy Bowden and "Bowden Bowl" at least once- Yep. They will not be able to help themselves. I am buying.

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