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    Monday, October 13, 2008

    Holy Toledo!

    There must be Karma in the world. After all, Toledo beat Michigan on Saturday 13-10 and gets my Turkey Of The Week Award. Rich "I don't have to honor my contract" Rodriquez is getting his due as the Wolverines look awful.Wow, Rich, you were worth all that money when you slinked out of West Virginia.

    Rich and his boys lost to Toledo, a team that had lost three consecutive games, its defense was surrendering 35.8 points per game and its offense didn't score last week against Ball State. Toledo becomes the the first MAC opponent to ever defeat the Wolverines.

    With the 13-10 loss, the Wolverines (2-4) continued their slide toward the school's first losing campaign since 1967 and cast further doubt on their ability to earn a 34th consecutive bowl bid. Quite a resume you are building Rich.

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