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    Monday, October 20, 2008

    Bobby Lobbies While Erin Laughs

    * Nice touch by NC State fans with card show in the stands.

    * Ok, I know Erin Andrews is attractive. But what does she actually contribute to the game? Was she laughing at Bobby Bowden when she interviewed him at the half?

    * Interesting to hear Bobby Bowden's comments to ref at end of half in regard to penalties. His lobbying must have helped as the penalties by the Noles substantially decreased in second half.

    * Christian Ponder getting creamed in third quarter illustrates why running by him should be the last option.

    * Ridiculous moment of the night came when ESPN announcers gave commentary on the duck race at the state fair across from the stadium.

    * Can someone explain to me what the hand gestures by NC State fans means? Very strange.

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