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    Friday, October 31, 2008

    Will Dawgs Bite Gators Again?

    This week I am looking at the BCS top 25 teams and selecting from them. Here are my picks:

    versus Texas Tech- Two undefeated teams and the Longhorns go up against high powered offense of Texas Tech. I am betting on Mack Brown.

    Oklahoma versus Nebraska- This is a nostalgic pick. The Huskers won't be able to keep up with the Sooners.

    Georgia versus Florida- World's largest cocktail party pits the classy Mark Richt and his Dawgs against a cocky Urban Meyer and his Gators. I am rooting for the Dawgs.


    Eric said...

    Though my wife is a Texas Tech alum, I have to go with your Longhorn pick here (hopefully she won't read this post, else I'm sleeping on the couch!). Basically I think Tech lacks the defense to pull this one out. Oklahoma is definitely my pick over Nebraska, but I must grudgingly put my money on UF over UGA. I think Florida's lone loss to Mississippi was a fluke and they've looked really strong ever since. I hate myself for believing in the Gators this weekend and hope I'm proven wrong - Go Dawgs!

    tallynolefan said...

    Eric, I won't tell your wife that you turned against her. :)Mike Leach at Texas Tech is a hard guy to root for. He doesn't have a winning personality. As for the Dawgs and Gators, I will defer to a higher power and hope that the Dawgs win.