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    Wednesday, October 22, 2008

    Reed Suspended For Violating Academic Policy

    ESPN is reporting that FSU wide receiver Bert Reed was suspended because he missed class and violated the school's new academic policy. According to Bobby Bowden as reported by ESPN, he "wanted to keep it a secret ... that's something you really wouldn't like the opponent to know that."

    The academic policy states the following:

    1.Three unexcused absences in any one class will cost a student-athlete one game.
    2. A fourth unexcused absence will force the athlete to miss 30 percent of his or her games that season.
    3. A fifth knocks the athlete out for the year.

    This is rather disappointing and illustrates the fact that our recruiting efforts have to focus on players with character and a commitment to their team and the program. Bert Reed has shown by his actions that he does not have those traits.


    Ryan said...

    Before jumping to conclusions about Reed's character, I would like to know more information. As a student at FSU, I know many times attendance is only required for athletes. I've seen classes that were so easy that, out of 60 students, only 8 would come to lecture... mostly student-athletes. I've skipped many classes and still gotten A's in them.

    tallynolefan said...

    I stand by my comment. FSU is under scrutiny after the academic fraud case and there was a new poicy implemented as the result of that scandal. The players are well aware of that. Reed has basically put himself above the team by violating that policy. That is part of character. I know that in this era of political correctness, character and morals are not to be discussed but I could care less about the political correctness police.