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    Friday, October 24, 2008

    My Buys And Sells For FSU-Virginia Tech Game

    Virginia Tech Mascot- This is one schizophrenic mascot. Not sure whether it's a chicken or turkey but do know that it is another Sesame Street knockoff costumed character. I am selling.

    Noles will have at least one sack against Virginia Tech- Defense needs to get to Tyrod Taylor and either sack him or hurry his throws. I am buying.

    Noles will hold Virginia Tech to less than 100 yards- Not sure this is going to happen since Taylor has most yards rushing on the team. I am selling.

    Antone Smith will have 100 yards or more rushing- Noles need to get the running game going against the Hokies. Smith needs a good game. I am buying.

    FSU will have 50 yards or less in penalties- Seeing is believing. Not convinced yet that they can get under the 50 yard mark. I am selling.

    Preston Parker gets a TD- With Reed out, now would be the time for Parker to show what he is capable of doing. I am buying.

    FSU gets at least one interception- Carter or Rolle needs to make a statement. I say someone gets a pick. I am buying.

    Gano gets at least one field goal in the game- Gano gets at least one on the day. I am buying.

    Announcers will bring up "Beamer Ball" at least once- You can count on it. We will hear it more than once. I am buying.

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