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    Sunday, January 07, 2007

    My View: College Football Salaries Getting Out Of Hand

    Hiring college football coaches is not what it once was. It is now being manipulated by attorneys for coaches who sometimes "float" an offer simply to get more money for the coach at his current school. Throw out the handshake. That doesn't count anymore. The recent debacle between Jimbo Fisher and FSU is a good example of this. Fisher and his attorney were apparently "whip sawing" FSU with other schools in order to inflate his worth. Ethics is not in their lexicon.

    I recently had posted a "My View" regarding college football salaries but these recent examples make this very evident. The hiring of Nick Saban at Alabama clearly shows that college athletics and the salaries paid to coaches is getting out of hand. A state as poor as Alabama is willing to pay a head coach $4 million a year guaranteed. Tell this to the faculty of a university. Or better yet, tell this to a college athlete who is governed by Draconian standards of the NCAA. Where is the equity in all this? It is ludicrous. College presidents and trustees need to get a handle on this immediately. If not, bidding wars will become the norm and not the exception.

    With the recent hiring at Alabama and the Jimbo Fisher debacle, you are left with the need to take a shower. It has been a sleazy example of what college sports should not be.

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