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    Sunday, April 06, 2008

    Homers Only Need Apply

    Lest anyone who thought that the mentality at FSU was going to be any different with a new athletic director, think again. We witnessed that this past week with the circle the wagons mentality inside the FSU athletic department as they fired football analyst Peter Tom Willis. As Willis himself stated,(they thought) "I was too critical of the program and the team the last few years. " Translation, Bobby Bowden did not like my comments.

    I have news for FSU and St. Bobby. A whole lot of fans did not like what FSU football has become. My guess is that if ole Bobby could he would revoke the season tickets of all the dissenters.

    FSU's new athletic director is also apparently satisfied with mediocrity. He has already said that he is pleased with Leonard Hamilton and the basketball program that hasn't been to an NCAA tournament since when? He must be absolutely thrilled with the football program since they still do go to bowl games. I guess everything is relative.

    The triumvirate of Wetherell, Bowden, and Spetman are making sure that there is no dissent and that a rosy picture is painted by all. For some FSU apologists I suppose that is great. For those of us who are loyal FSU alumni and fans but who welcome dissent, the latest move reinforces our worst fears.

    Anyone who has punished themselves and watched Bobby Bowden's call in show knows that dissent is never tolerated. If an occasional dissenter happens to slip by the screener, he is insulted by St. Bobby. The show is a joke. The first caller is always some guy from Jacksonville who drools over St. Bobby and then gives his lame stat of the week. Please !

    So you can bet the next analyst will be a homer and will make sure that he lavishes praise on St. Bobby and the team even when it is not deserved. That is if he wants to keep his job.

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    Calico Jack said...

    I liked Peter Tom's commentary and he was right more often than not. It's a shame Coach Bowden decided he should be let go. When the truth hurts too much, get rid of those telling it.

    Boo on you Coach Bowden. You should be fired just like your son.