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    Saturday, April 05, 2008

    Rain Alters Practice- Saturday Spring Practice Report

    FSU Sports Information Excerpts:

    After a long full pad scrimmage on Friday, the Seminoles headed back out to the practice fields Saturday morning. Although the practice was scheduled for 11:30, a looming storm caused the coaches to push the start time up to 10:00 am in hopes of not losing yet another practice.


    The Seminoles practiced 18 periods in shells.

    Pass rush was highlighted by Rodney Hudson, Will Furlong and Daron Rose who all had multiple wins and Ryan McMahon also won an individual battle. For the defense Emmanuel Dunbar and Budd Thacker had multiple wins.

    In skeleton Christian Ponder hit Taiwan Easterling and Bert Reed who had a nice run after the catch. D'Vontrey Richardson connected with Greg Carr, Richard Goodman and Rod Owens who also turned a short gain into a long catch with some great moves following the reception.

    11-on-11 was run in down and distance. Ponder hit Reed for a first and also found Antone Smith out of the backfield. For the defense Dunbar had two sacks and Kevin McNeil had a QB pressure.

    11-on-11 moved into red zone and Ponder had connections with Reed, Smith and Easterling. Easterling's catch was a beautiful grab in the back of the endzone where he managed to get both feet in bounds. Richardson had a nice gain on a designed run and also completed a pass to Goodman but the last few periods were dominated by the defense. In red zone Myron Rolle had a break-up in the endzone, Craig Yarborough had a QB pressure as did Everette Brown. Dionte Allen broke up a pass as did Kenny Ingram who batted a pass down by leaping up after dropping back into coverage.

    In 2:00 drill the defense continued to roll. Tony Carter had an interception when he went over Carr to pick off a ball. Anthony Leon had a pick and a pass break-up. Terrance Parks broke up two passes, Dunbar tackled Richardson at the line on a scramble and Yarborough had a sack. The practice ended with Vince Williams forcing Richardson out of the pocket. The sophomore QB found Carr deep but Leon got a hand on the ball and deflected it up in the air where Allen came down with the pick as the defense rushed the field.

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