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    Thursday, January 10, 2008

    Breaking Down The Numbers: Passing Offense

    National rankings based on 119 teams and the ACC rankings on 12 teams:

    : Passing Offense- FSU averaged 242 yards a game in 2007

    ACC Ranking: 2006- #2 2007- #4

    National Ranking: 2006- #29 2007- #47

    FSU offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher who is also the quarterbacks coach had Drew Weatherford and Xavier Lee as quarterbacks in 2007. Probably the best thing that can be said for Weatherford is that he cut down on his interceptions dramatically. However, he still tends to throw into double coverage and not look for secondary receivers. Not to speak of his speed which is s-l-o-w.

    FSU's passing offense declined in both the ACC as well as nationally in 2007. The Noles just did not have enough firepower with Drew Weatherford or our receivers this year. It bears repeating that FSU is in need of some playmakers at the wide receiver position.

    It would be silly to attribute the lack of passing offense entirely on the quarterback but certainly that is a position that really needs close scrutiny before the 2008 season begins.

    Bobby Bowden has already annointed Drew the starter in 2008 but he has always liked him so what else is new. Jimbo Fisher will have a difficult decision to make as he looks at an experienced but average quarterback versus inexperienced but more gifted players.

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