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    Monday, January 28, 2008

    The Duh Factor...Stupid File

    * What do three economists with too much time on their hands do? Nope - not come up with solutions to a coming recession. They have devised a College Football Recruiting Prediction model that predicts what schools high school football recruits will pick. The trio are all former FSU doctoral students. The article about these recruitniks in indicates that according to the model, recruits usually will pick the BCS-conference school nearest their hometown that has the biggest on-campus stadium and won the most games last season. Duh!

    * File this in the Stupid file. Wake Forest reserve running back Luke Caparelli has been dismissed from the team after writing on his Facebook page that he would "blow up campus."He posted the note on his page on Jan. 13. The threat said that Caparelli would have an Uzi submachine gun "locked and loaded in his bag. Police searched his dorm and found no weapons.

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