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    Tuesday, January 29, 2008

    Gators Tops In The State

    Here are the latest recruiting rankings of the "Big Three" schools in Florida. This is an average of the ESPN rankings plus the two major recruiting services:

    Florida- #3

    Miami- #5

    FSU- #9


    Calico Jack said...

    Nice fodder for a bar discussion but it doesn't mean much in the real world. FSU has been in the top tier of recruiting since the early 90's but the results over the past 6 years have been mediocre at best. Look at Notre Dame. They've been ranked well in recruitment a number of years and are an abysmal team. Coaching matters a lot more than recruiting.

    tallynolefan said...

    I agree. However, we all want some indicator of how we did in the annual ritual of college recruiting.