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    Saturday, January 05, 2008

    ACC Hits Bottom...Crew Cut Charlie Popular...Rich Surprised

    Thoughts and comments on college football this week:

    * As those of us who have followed ACC football know, ACC football was terrible this year. Now the entire nation knows. ACC teams played in eight bowl games this year and won only two games. Wake Forest and Boston College were the only teams to be victorious in their bowl games.

    * Wonder if Kirk Herbstreit of ESPN will now stop hyping Oklahoma after they lost their fourth straight BCS bowl game ?

    * Apparently there is no correlation between the success of a team and how they recruit. At least if you are Notre Dame and crew cut Charlie Weis. They won three games in 2007 and yet they are currently ranked number one in the recruiting rankings for 2008.

    * You have to admire the gall of former West Virginia head coach Rich Rodriquez who bailed for Michigan. First he says that he was caught off guard by all the hard feelings left behind at West Virginia, his alma mater and the place he spent the last seven seasons."It's been difficult and it's been a little disappointing to be honest with you," he said. This from a guy that last year got a huge salary increase and said that he was going nowhere.

    He also says that he was surprised by the university's decision to collect a $4 million buyout by filing suit in court.The suit surprised Rodriguez. "I was obviously disappointed to read in the paper and see on the news I was getting sued," he said. "I don't think that's normal. That's not normal protocol. Is Rich serious? Not normal protocol? I guess he meant the university should just forget collecting on the buyout and that would be normal to Rich. Kudos to WVa for pursuing this. Coaches need to start being held accountable.


    Dan said...

    Bless you for your comments on the renegade Rich Rodriguez. It is suprising he didn't know the buyout was in the contract becuase he just signed it last August 2007. Yes, although subpoenas can be hand delivered by a man with a badge and a gun, Rich had the good fortune to hear it on a broadcast.

    Does this guy think the rest of the world is this dumb?
    I honestly am asking.

    AlaNole said...

    I think what surprised RR was reading about the money in the paper insted of being told personally. When he said he didn't believe that was "protocol", I'm pretty sure that's what he was referring.

    I have heard that the reason he left for UM is because certain promises about facility upgrades were made last year before he signed the new contract. WV then did not follow through. IF this is true, then I don't blame the guy for leaving.